Best Organic Composts

Best Organic Composts 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Composting essentially nourishes the soil and helps the plants directly to grow healthily and in a fast process. Composting is therefore an integral part of gardening, whether you choose best organic compost. There has been a global spurt in organic composting concept.

Chemical composts are being replaced with organic composts in several gardening efforts, since chemicals tend to lower soil micronutrients and minerals etc., even more they also affect adversely the organisms living inside soil, worms, etc., impacting the ecosystem adversely.

However, most people now-a-days prefer to buy best organic compost in order to effectively add nutritional value to the soil with essential extracts of decomposed vegetables, flowers, animal wastes, and bones, etc.

Therefore, if you are planning to enrich your garden soil with organic composts, here is a helpful buyer’s list of top 10 organic compost brands available in the market in order to make your garden fill with flora and fauna.

Top 10 Best Organic Composts 2020

1. Charlie’s Compost

Charlie’s is a popular compost manufacturing name, which particularly comes in a 10lb pack. One of the finest organic composts is made from chicken manure along with forest products, cornstalks, hay, straw, clay, as well as other beneficial microbe inoculants. This is prepared through a long processing of 8 to 12 weeks over which all the ingredients are kept for decomposing purpose. The raw materials are air dried and turned regularly for comprehensive composting.


  • Fine mixture of compost
  • Rich chicken manure for nitrogen content in soil


  • Compost is not fine grained, there are scraps of barks

2. Malibu Compost

Malibu Compost Bu’S blend is an efficient and nutrient-rich compost, which is available for all purpose gardening, that is for lawns, farms, gardens, and for growing plants, vegetables, and fruits.

This is a uniquely designed blend of biodynamic compost 1Cuft. It can be efficiently used to rejuvenate and vitalize the soil content and repair soil’s ecosystem, as it acts as natural humus for soil health.


  • Readymade compost product
  • Completely US-made
  • Rich in soil nutrients and organic


  • Too many rocks in the compost mixture.

3. Dr. Earth All Purpose Compost

Dr. Earth All Purpose CompostDr. Earth has designed all-purpose compost, which can be used for multiple purposes like planting trees, shrubs, over-seeding lawns, gardening of fruits, and vegetables to flower plants, bare root planting and so on. It can also be used to mulch, thereby improving the texture of existing plant soil and to break up clay for better growth of plants.

Dr. Earth makes sure that the compost is organic and rich in nutrients. So, what you get in this 100% hand crafted and hand blend compost rich is valley grown alfalfa meal, varied organic nutrients, green fed earthworm casting, and cold-water kelp meal.


  • 100% organic content
  • 100% hand-crafted blend
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • Rich in nutrient resources


  • Too many rocks in the compost filling the weight and useless.

4. OmrI Organic Compost

Blue Ribbon is an OMRI certified reliable organic soil compost manufacturing name, which offers hand crafted unique and nutrient-rich compost for healthy and disease free plant growing.

Being crafted out of completely natural raw materials like grass clippings, vegetables, etc., the compost is complete odor-free and safe for use as well as skin friendly. It is prepared under the experienced guidance and surveillance of DNR-licensed faculty team.

This product can work wonder for all type of gardening ventures like flower plants, vegetables, grass, shrubs, herbs, etc. It can also be seamlessly paired with other natural fertilizers and worm casting as well.


  • Works and improves soil texture & aeration
  • Enhances water retention power of soil
  • OMRI Certified Organic formula
  • Can be used in any concentration


  • There are large, solid, and hard clumps, which are required to be grained minutely manually before adding to soil.

5. Four Shovels Pure Natural Garden Soil

Four Shovels designed Pure Natural Compost is 100% Organic Garden Soil, which is available in 2 lb. box. This compost can be used seamlessly for potted plants as well as for growing vegetables and fruits, trees, and shrubs in garden.

With completely no agricultural runoff, this compost is completely pesticide and chemical free. The compost acts as a natural conditioner for your garden soil.

It is perfect for alkaline plants as well as improving the moisture retaining strength of soil. For best results, mixing the compost and top soil in 1:1 proportion (50% compost and 50% topsoil) is the best composition for the organic manure for the soil.


Odor-free natural compost
Can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening
Garden soil conditioner enhances moisture retention in soil
Pesticide and chemical-free compost


Compost is meant only for alkaline plants.

6. Espoma Organic Compost Starter

This 100% US-made natural compost, designed by Espoma, can be a comprehensive soil enrichment supplement for your garden. You can use it for fruits, vegetables, or potted flowers as it works magic with its completely natural organic formula. It is rich in nutrients and comes in a pack of 4lb.


  • Natural compost and completely organic product
  • It efficiently makes breakdown hard


  • Foul odor while mixing adds to discomfort.

7. Dr. Earth All Purpose Minis Life All Fertilizer

Dr. Earth is a renowned compost manufacturer offering a line of 100% organic and natural compost products. With this All Purpose Fertilizer from dr. Earth, you will get a fine hand-crafted blend, which is ready to use directly in your garden. This means there is no more struggling to make a mix and prepare blends for your garden.

It is especially crafted for organic vegetable gardens from organic extracts. In this blend, it is odor-free as there in no chicken manure, no GMO or sewage sludge, and is completely safe for your hands and does trigger any discomfort. Added to all the benefits, you can acquire the misapply certificate for this product.


  • Designed for effective action on 30 sq. ft area
  • 100% pure natural hand-crafted blend
  • Does not comprise any chicken manure, GMO, or animal sewage.
  • Dissolves quickly in water


  • Designed primarily for organic vegetables garden.

8. Wiggle Worm Castings Organic Soil Builder

The Wiggle Worm’s Casting Organic Soil Builder features one of the most powerful and completely organic fertilizers, which contains pure earthworm castings. It is a nutrient-rich fertilizer, which meets your plant’s nutritional needs for over 2 weeks or more as per the need of the plant.

Water absorption rate is enhanced, thereby making the soil rich in nutrient and moisture, and in optimal state for best growth of your plants. Small amount of the fertilizer offers great result. It is manufactured as a comprehensive healthy soil solution.


  • 100% Non-Toxic fertilizer
  • Completely Odor-Free
  • Best for Indoor/Outdoor uses
  • Natural Organic Fertilizer


  • Traits of fungal infections are there.

9. Jobe’s Organics Fast Acting Fertilizer

If you are seeking for rapid action and fast growth spurt for your garden plants, then this Jobe’s Organics is aware of this requirement and acts as Fast Acting Fertilizer Compost Starter. It is a completely safe and 100% organic blend that boosts up your plant growth by enriching the soil nutrition.

The basic functioning of this compost starter pack is that it allows fine and increased activities of microorganisms in the soil, thereby using the living organisms as it enhances the soil nutritional structure.

The product itself comes with a rich blend of billions of beneficial micro-organism archaea, which offers a robust and super active decaying of organic materials when mixed with the soil that is in line with the fast growth of plants.


  • Powered with active microorganisms’ archaea for fast bio degradation of organic materials
  • Natural compost, safe, and chemical free
  • 100% organic


  • Packaging of the product could have been better to eliminate the rattling sound.

10. Hoffman Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss

Canadian sphagnum peat Moss from Hoffman is one of the finest comprehensive solutions for gardening manure preparation if you want to enhance the soil moisture retention and aeration in soil for improved growth of plants.

It is ideal for use in gardening of fruits, and vegetables, etc. Hoffman ensures the product to be 99.8% purely organic and a premium grade of horticulture. You should mix it with gardening or potting soil to enhance water retention and nutrient content.


  • This is a blend with peat Moss as well as perlite
  • Customized soil-less mix
  • Increases moisture retention capacity of the soil
  • 99.8% organic blend


  • Plain old peat and does not contain long strand.

Factors To Consider For Buying Best Organic Compost

1. Odor Check

Gardeners and farmers often agree on the point of discomfort in using composts with awful smell and odor. However, organic composts made at home do have an odor, but the best organic compost by the well-known brands are odor free varieties.

To select the best organic compost to buy, you must ensure that it does not smell like garbage. Even more if it smells like ammonia, you should buy such compost as they are not yet ready to be used directly and are needed to be mixed.

2. Texture

Checking the texture of the compost to verify it does not have raw materials, or plastic materials, or scrap pieces are important. The texture of good composts is ready for use as it is required to be dark in color, rich in nutrients, and fluffy in texture.

3. Support Life

Whether you intend to buy organic compost from home depot or suppliers, it is better to check the presence of living organisms like worms or insects as the presence of life in composts ensures its effective capacity to support life healthily.

4. Price

Organic composts are generally made from biodegradable wastes like peels of veggies, fruits to animal wastes and bones, etc. These are essentially not supposed to be too expensive, however while checking the reviews for good composts and best suppliers, you should also check for the price tag as well as you can fetch best organic compost at a decent range around $50.


1. What Is The Best Compost Starter?

Nitrogen is one of the most important soil requirements, and thus, nitrogen-rich materials like grass clipping to your kitchen veggie and fruit scraps, peels, alfalfa hay, and fresh garden pruning’s can be the first compost to start with. Microorganisms add to the essential richness of these composts.

2. Should I Plant Directly Into Compost?

Different soil styles have requirements, for example for good drainage you need solid soil, whereas sandy soil retains water efficiently. Compost adds to the enrichment and nutrient richness of soil. Therefore, it is always advisable to plant in soil with compost that is added to it and not into direct compost.

3. What Is The Difference Between Organic Matter And Compost?

Well, compost is nothing but decomposed form of organic matters like leaves, vegetable peels, fruit peels, and animal wastes, etc., which are biodegradable. Just like gold is valuable, compost is also priceless for the enrichment of soil, which is why farmers denote it as Black Gold.

4. What Is The Ideal Rof Sand Compost?

Planting soil for gardens need to have definite proportions of sand, soil, as well as best organic compost. If you have a perennial flower garden, then you can have a compost layer of ½ inches to 1/4 inches, accordingly. However, when you are handling sandy soil, the ratio changes again, and thus, you need to have 2/3-part compost and 1/3 part of soil for effective and healthy growth of veggies and flowers.


Gardening is a care driven act and it is a science where growth of your garden plants is directly dependent on the soil health. The health of garden soil or soil in a pot depends on multiple factors like moisture retention, proper drainage, active microorganisms, and nutrients in it, etc.

Hence, choosing the fertilizer and compost can enhance the health of your soil as well as your plants. Since chemicals always have some kind of side effects or others.

Now-a-days, there is a worldwide hike for best organic compost, which are easily available, easy to mix, and use, safe and odor free, eliminates all discomforts as well as nourishes garden soil organically with bio degradable materials that are decomposed to prepare the blends. You can, thus, pick any product from the above provided list for happy gardening experiences that is completely organic.