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How Landscapers Can Use Multi-Location SEO To Maximise Local Traffic To Their Website

We are sure landscaping is a competitive market, regardless of which town or city you are located in. If not, you are the only landscaper for miles; we congratulate you. However, we are certain that most other landscaping business owners reading this do not have that luxury and thus have to compete against other landscaping businesses when trying to attract new local clients.

How they compete for new clients will differ from business to business, with some focusing their energies on paid advertising. Others will utilise strategies such as SEO to hope their website gains better rankings in Google’s natural search results. It is this second strategy that we are going to focus on, and, in particular, how you can multiply your chances of being ranked using multi-location SEO.

The concept of multi-location SEO is simpler than you might expect, as all it is doing is instead of trying to rank for keywords that include one location, you do so for multiple locations. For example, a landscaping business based in Kingsley in the north of Perth WA might only try to rank when Kingsley forms part of a Google search. However, nearby areas such as Woodvale, Hillarys, and Duncraig might also be locations they work in, so they should try to rank for these too.

As for how a landscaping company would set about trying to rank for multiple locations on Google, they can make both on-page optimisations on their website and off-page optimisations on other websites. Read on, and find out what these are.

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5 Landscaping Design Principles Essential For Residential Garden Designs

Whenever landscapers are employed to design, plan, and create a new residential landscaping project, they should do so by following several principles which should be applied to every landscape gardening design. The fact that these principles exist should not surprise you given that the designing of multiple items follows specific design principles, including homes, websites, fashion, and cars.

Obviously, what is being designed will mean that the principles which apply will differ greatly from other design subjects, and that is why those who design and create such items are highly sought after due to their knowledge, skills, and experience. As for landscaped gardens for residential properties, there are several guidelines that landscapers follow, and outlined below are five of the most important of those design principles.

How The Garden Will Be Used Must Be Considered From The Outset

One of the starting points for a residential landscape garden design is the consideration of how the garden will be used. This will differ from home to home, and it may be heavily influenced by the demographics of the client and their family. For example, a couple with young children may want a garden that is enclosed, and where their children can play safely. Alternatively, an elderly couple may prefer a greater emphasis on colourful flowers and it having several seating areas.

The Design Must Compliment The Residential Property

A mistake that many homeowners make when thinking about their landscaping design is they look at it in isolation. This is wrong because, in almost all instances, the garden should complement their home. This means that the finished landscaped garden should look as though it was designed and created in unison with the home and that each compliments the other. Not only is this more visually appealing it can also increase the value of the property by more.

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