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Ideas To Heat Your Landscaped Garden When The Temperature Drops

Whilst landscapers will always prefer that the weather is fine when they are installing a landscaped garden for a client, another weather-based consideration that they and their client might consider when originally planning and designing the garden is how to provide heat there when the temperature plummets.

Given the hours of sunshine and warmth in which most Australian gardens are usually bathed, you might think it unnecessary to think about having to heat them using other means. However, despite highs of over 30 degrees centigrade in cities like Melbourne and Perth in the summer, at night it occasionally dips into single figure temperatures. As for winter, both cities can see night temperatures fall close to freezing.

Admittedly, Perth, Melbourne, or indeed most cities and towns in Australia, are unlikely to see long periods of freezing temperatures or have to deal with snow. Nevertheless,  it can become cold enough to want to have some means of heating a landscaped garden so it can be enjoyed all year round and in the evenings once the sun has gone down. Read on, you will discover several ideas on how to create that heat.

Outdoor Gas Heaters: One of the biggest appeals of gas outdoor heaters is that they can be portable and can thus be used to heat different areas of a garden as required. There is no cleaning up after their use, and it is easy to adjust the heat output based on how cold it is. Options include a gas bottle for portable heaters or connecting fixed heaters to your domestic gas supply.

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