Perfect Paving

How To Choose The Perfect Paving For Your Landscaped Garden

In most home garden designs, landscape designers will include certain elements and features which are the most common, and one of those features which many clients want is paving. Paving provides a solid surface upon which to walk or park the car, and often this is as much for safety and convenience purposes, such as when the client is elderly, as it is for aesthetics.

One of the biggest advantages of paving is that it can provide as many benefits in relation to practical considerations as it does when thinking about the visuals of a landscaped garden. Of course, to maximise those benefits requires careful consideration of the paving that is to be laid, and below we have outlined how you can make the best possible paving choices.

Choosing Paving Types

For most landscaped garden designs you have two main choices as to the type of paving you use, namely composite materials and quarried stone. Both have pros, cons, and different characteristics, so careful consideration has to be given to each.

Quarried stone provides the natural option, and for many, it is the beauty of granite or slate, the two main types, which outweighs any other consideration. They are strong, stable, and offer timeless beauty.

Composite materials, which include precast concrete and brick, are also extremely durable, plus they have fewer maintenance requirements. Whilst they might not have the natural aesthetic beauty of quarried stone, they do provide a much cheaper option for those with budget constraints.

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5 Awesome Benefits Of Using Glass Balustrading For Your Balconies

5 Awesome Benefits Of Using Glass Balustrading For Your Balconies

For anyone living in an apartment who thinks glass balustrading is not meant for them as it is used primarily for stairs and pools, then we have good news for you. You are just as likely to see glass balustrading used for apartments as you are for houses, with the main reason being that glass balustrading is ideal for creating the surrounding on a balcony. So, if you own an apartment that has one or more balconies, here are 5 benefits of using glass balustrading to enclose them.

Benefit #1 – Glass Balustrading Is Extremely Safe

We are discussing the fact that glass balustrading is extremely safe first because when it comes to balconies, the safety of anyone who is standing on one must be the highest priority. Glass balustrading is recognised as one of the safest means of enclosing a balcony, given that the supports and the glass are robust and strong. Specifics include the fixtures at the base, the glass being toughened, and the smooth surface making it impossible for children and pets to climb it.

Benefit #2 – Glass Balustrading Lets In Natural Light

Depending on which side of the building your balcony is and thus where it concerns the sun during the day, having glass balustrading surrounding it on three sides will maximise the amount of natural light that your balcony receives compared to solid materials such as metal. This natural light can make the difference between your balcony is an idyllic spot to relax, have a coffee, or read and it is a dark, dingy, unwelcoming spot that never gets used.

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