Best Worm Composters

Best Worm Composters 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A worm composting bin or composter is designed to create a fine compost that is perfect for your garden. Today, there is a growing demand for the worm composters, as they can make the best organic fertilizers with the worm castings. As there are endless models of composters of different makes and kinds, how does one make out the best worm composter among those?

Well, this is the reason why we have put together this buyer’s guide to help you pick the right composter and make the perfect choice as per your needs. As each composter is different in size, features, and functionalities, one should look for a design that is easy to maintain and efficient in performance.

Why not start by having a look at some of the top worm composters that are out there in the market and popular among the buyers because of quality composting.

Top 10 Best Worm Composters 2020

1. Worm Factory 360 Composting System

The Worm Factory 360 composting system enjoys a high rating among the customers and helps you to convert all that kitchen and paper waste into nutrient-rich compost. The entire process of composting is simple, fast, and easy with this device that boasts of a thermosiphon airflow design and an expandable-tray size. This is indeed one of the largest volumes of home composters.

Worm Factory 360 includes a user’s manual, warranty card, and some basic tools that make it easier to work. Managing your Worm Factory 360 is very easy, as it is simple to set up and operate, and the composting speed is impressive. Apart from black color, the Worm Factory 360 is also available in green and terracotta.

Go ahead and create an ideal environment for worms as well as get a good quality of finished compost.


  • Ideal for households
  • Expandable Multi-Tray design
  • Essential basic tools included
  • Comprehensive instruction guide
  • Made in the USA


  • Trays aren’t all sized the same
  • Trays can get heavy when full

2. Worm Factory 360 Vermicomposting System

Another fine example of the best worm composter is this Worm Factory 360 vermicomposting system that uses paper waste and kitchen scraps to convert into rich soil for your kitchen garden.

This is a very efficient system that is easy to set up. Use the expandable 4-tray size and place the compostable waste to the bottom tray along with a handful of worms. As those trays are expandable to 8 trays, you get a large volume of home composter within a few days. The built-in “worm tea” collector tray makes it easier to clean and drain.

Follow the step-by-step guide in the digital instructional manual to use and manage the worm factory 360. The infographic refrigerator magnet will educate you on how to determine the right kind of foods for your worms. Buyers highly reordered the product, as they find it great and are confident that it will last them a long time because of its sturdy build.


  • Great worm composter
  • Built in “worm tea” collector tray
  • Expandable 4-tray size
  • Easier to clean and drain
  • Digital instructional manual


  • Disappointing customer service

3. Nature’s Footprint 3 Tray Compost System

The three tray Worm composting system from the brand Nature’s Footprint is a very efficient way to create rich compost for your garden from kitchen and paper waste. The multi-tray design is unique and stackable and allows you to produce compost whole year round. Just put a handful of worms to the bottom tray with organic waste.

The composting system is easy to assemble and manage and promotes odorless operation. Other added benefits include the largest capacity of compost, smallest footprint, and a great composter for anyone with limitation of space. Use the instructional DVD and instructions manual to work with the composter and manage it year-round.


  • Great composter
  • Easy to work with
  • Stackable multi-tray design
  • Odorless operation
  • Instructional DVD and instructions manual included


  • Not made of good quality plastic

4. Vermihut 5-Tray Worm Compost Bin

Hut Plus worm compost bin is considered one of the best composters out there because of its unique features and functionalities. Additional trays can be added to the standard five trays, and that raises the volume of compost that can be made.

What increases the air-flow for better compost efficiency is the M-board component. Another new component, V-board, allows odor removal, fruit fly control, and moisture control. Do not worry about ants invading the worm bin because of the efficient set of ant-trappers included.

As it is a one-piece kit, it is easy to set up and use. Moreover, it comes with a Starter kit and Manual that offers clear guidelines and instructions. This is the perfect capacity composter one would need for their household food waste management.


  • Next generation worm composter
  • Unique features and functionalities
  • Better compost efficiency
  • No moisture and odors
  • Starter kit and Manual included


  • There are better options available

5. 4-Tray Worm Compost Kit

This is an amazing worm compost kit that is so simple and easy to use and can easily transform the organic kitchen waste into organic fertilizer. Once the worms finish composting, they leave rich castings behind and will move to the next tray. This small and compact sized worm composter is just perfect for those with limited space. The four working trays are easy to stack and work with.

Enjoy an odorless operation because of proper air ventilation system in it. It is simply great for indoor & outdoor use whole year round. The product includes four working trays, a rack, and one piece of Spigot. Go ahead and create a healthy environment and turn all that kitchen waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer.


  • Affordable & portable kit
  • Compact sized composter
  • Simple and easy to use
  • 4 working trays
  • Odorless operation


  • Great design, but poor finishing

6. Worm Factory DS4TT 4 Worm Composter

Worm Factory brand comes up with another great model of a worm composter. Now you can keep all that kitchen waste out of sight and convert it into an organic-rich soil with the help of this composter. Made of recycled plastic, the composter has a light and compact size. What makes it easier to drain and clean is the built-in “worm tea” collector tray.

Those trays can be expanded to 7 trays and provide an odor-free operation. Enjoy a year-round production and make nice compost with this composter without that stinky smell. This is indeed a great product that comes with nice features and is easy to work with. Shipping is fast, and the customer care is great.


  • Great worm composter
  • Made of recycled plastic
  • Compact size
  • Easier to drain and clean
  • Expandable up to 7 trays
  • Odor free operation
  • A year-round production


  • Spigot is not placed at the lowest point

7. Homestead Essentials 5-Tray Composting Kit

If you are looking for a compact but effective worm composting system, then check out this model from the brand Homestead Essentials. Now you can work on more than 50% of household waste and transform it into organic-rich soil. It is a lot easier to feed, process, and harvest because of the multiple tray design. The worms promote waste processing to create rich compost called “humus.” The multiple layer style means improved air circulation and better drainage, thus no smells.

Go ahead and shop for the great composter with a clean and modern design that will look good in your garden or kitchen and without any need to be hidden. Those vibrant colors of the composter are sure to keep everyone in the family interested in the process of compost making.


  • Clean, and modern design
  • Multi-layer composting system
  • Small and compact
  • Improved air circulation
  • Better drainage


  • Could be of better quality

8. Tumbleweed Can O Worms

Tumbleweed’s Can-O-Worms is indeed seen as an ideal worm composter. After all, it has been designed to promote recycling and composting. Those built-in mounds encourage worms to move from collector trays to the working trays, while the unique ventilation maximizes performance and encourages faster composting.

The deep feeding trays allow the worms to move freely from one tray to the other. Other design features include a drip-free tap, plus those well-designed legs, and the drain spigot to drain the valuable compost to fertilize the garden.

The composter indeed looks great when placed on porch or garden and can work on the common composted items such as vegetables, paper towels, fruit skins, and hulls.


  • Well designed
  • Unique ventilation
  • Built in mounds
  • Faster composting
  • Drip free tap


  • Not perfect, but very close

9. Basic Worm Composting Farm

Basic Worm Composting FarmMade in Oregon, this is an American made basic worm farm that comes with four stacking trays and lid, collection base with a spigot, and worm ladder. One can, of course, buy other items such as worms and bedding separately. Use moistened or dried leaves and shredded paper to make the bedding while worms can be purchased online.

Customers who have bought the composter are very happy with the results and experience. They love it because of the ease of setup, as it offers best value for money. Now one can get homemade fertilizer made from nature and without any unpleasant odors all year round.


  • Simple and great design
  • Well-made and sturdy
  • 4 stacking trays and lid
  • Expandable
  • Collection base, worm ladder
  • Collection base with spigot
  • Made in Oregon


  • Ants may get in

10. Nature’s Footprint WF360TW Composter

This high quality worm composter is made in the US and comes in a compact and expandable design. Available in the popular Terracotta color, the composter is made of recycled plastic and can lodge in thousands of worms and create impressive volumes of compost. The compact and expandable unit can house up to 7 trays, and each of those trays has a grid bottom.

Enjoy an odor-free operation from the great composter that comes with a 5-year limited warranty. The kit includes hand rake, scraper, collector tray, spigot, and a thermometer. Go ahead and create compost all year round, and have organic and nutrient-rich soil for your garden and plants.


  • Compact and expandable unit
  • Made of recycled plastic
  • Attractive terracotta color
  • Up to 7 trays
  • Odor free operation
  • Quick and easy to assemble


  • Plastic quality is not very impressive

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Worm Composter

When looking for a worm composter, you need to be sure that it does the job as it says and will not give you any headaches. You may have the right ideas and great knowledge, but nothing will work if you buy a low-quality composter.

Here are some key aspects to keep in mind when looking for a worm composter:

1. Space Available

Before you even start looking for a worm composter, you should be sure of how and where you plan to keep it. The space is important, and while most people prefer to keep the composter outside, many prefer to keep it inside their home. The design, size, and looks you choose will rely on where you want to place it.

You might need a different setup in case you plan to use the composter inside and make sure that it is climate-controlled so that the worms can produce high-quality compost for your plants. Buy a well-designed and attractive worm composter if you plan to keep it inside. However, just keep in mind that there might be a slight smell that can make your interiors unpleasant.

If you plan to use the composter outdoors, consider the size and shape of the garden. Buy the color and size of the composter accordingly, and it should have some features like little extra rain-shedding and other protection.

2. Quality

Quality is important here, just like any other product. So, pay attention to the material when shopping for a worm composter. Choose a composter made of strong plastic or good quality resin, as these materials can withstand extreme weather conditions such as hot summers or hail or snow.

3. Light And Ventilation

Worms prefer to keep away from sunlight, and therefore the composter you pick should be opaque so that it can block excess light. Ventilation is another key factor to focus on, and therefore, whatever model you buy, check that it has holes running through it for improved ventilation.

Good ventilation ensures that the worms are getting enough air and promote finer compositing. This will stimulate a natural environment for the worms so that they can thrive and do a better job in an environment with the right amount of light and air.

4. Number Of Trays

Added features such as trays enhance the functionality of the worm composters. The best worm composters boast of a higher number of trays for added expandability. While most standard models carry a four-tray size, there are some that are expandable up to eight-trays. That means one can modify the system to their needs and are not limited by fewer trays.

It is well worth investing in a heavy-duty worm composter if you are into composting big time and with a higher number of trays.

5. Drainage

Proper drainage is important, especially if you are using a lot of fruit or vegetable waste and other wet materials. All that waste matter tends to produce a liquid known as leachate and will load the bedding with extra moisture. This is certainly not good for the worms and composting. So, ensure that there is a proper draining method for leachate. There should be an adequate number of drainage holes in the tea collector tray for proper drainage.

If the worm composter has a spigot, one can use it to drain off the leachate regularly. As leachate itself does contain some nutrients, you can mix it with water and use it to nourish the soil in the garden or lawn.

6. Customer Care And Warranty

The best quality worm composters are supported by great customer care and are backed by a warranty that may last from one year to ten years. The kit should include an instructional manual and DVD, so that you can follow the instructions carefully and understand how the unit works. It is a good idea to get a composter with a life time warranty and avoid one with no such cover.

Just keep the above things in mind, and you are sure to get that best worm composter for your garden or for indoor use.

Mistakes To Avoid When Composting

You may have just bought the best worm composter, but things will not work out if you do not know how to use it. Many users end up making some mistakes, and here are some of the most common ones.

1. Overfeeding The Worms

Do not be over-enthusiastic and keep feeding the worms, as they would not be able to keep up. So, feed them just twice a week for the best results.

2. Feeding Wrong Foods

Another common mistake is to feed the worms with processed foods, spicy foods, oily sauces, tomatoes, and more. The ideal diet for the worms would be tiny scraps of non-acidic fruits and vegetables.

3. Too Dry Or Too Wet Composting Bedding

Do not be an over-enthusiastic composter who waters the composting bedding surface every other day, or the negligent one who forgets to check the moisture level. A too dry or too wet environment will kill the worms.

4. Not Removing Finished Compost

Many people tend to forget to harvest the finished compost. Keep in mind that the freshly made compost is the best organic fertilizer for the soil. Mark the days for removing finished compost.

5. Ignoring The Temperature

Too hot or too cold temperature is not good for the composting worms. Location and temperature are important, and therefore one must mitigate those risks with proper care and steps.

So, watch out for the above listed common mistakes and avoid making them.


1. How To Get Those Flies Of The Composter?

If you place the food waste too close to the surface, it is likely to attract fruit flies and other insects, and that can be annoying. To get rid of the issue, you should always place the food scraps inserted below the surface of the bedding. Another good idea is to place a sheet of dampened newspaper or cardboard to block those insects and keep the waste safe and protected for the worms.

2. Is It Okay To Have Mold Or Sprouted Seeds In The Worm Composter?

Sprouted seeds are fine and should not be a problem, as you can use them as food for the worms. However, if you see signs of mold, that is an indication of rotting food. It is essential to get rid of black or green entirely and prevent further molds formation by placing the food deeper under the bedding’s surface.

3. Why Are The Worms Trying To Escape From The Composter?

Despite buying the best worm composter, if you find issues like worms trying to escape, then you are doing something which is not right. There could be a few possible reasons behind this, such as the bedding may have become too acidic.

In that case, you must avoid throwing in pineapple scraps or citrus peels and lower the pH level by adding crushed and dried eggshells. Moreover, the bedding should be moist and not dripping with moisture. The right pH level is surely going to keep the worms happy.

4. How To Get The Best Output From Your Worm Composter?

You may not be able to get the worms have everything they need out of your composter if you do not know how to work with it. First of all, you need to be sure that the worms are placed within the middle of the pile of waste. Don’t just pile up the worms on the top. And expect them to find their way within the waste. So, make sure that the waste pile is properly mixed and ventilated, so that the worms can wiggle about.

5. How Many Worms Are Needed?

As a general rule, one would need about 2,000 worms to work on every pound of food waste. Just have some idea about the amount of composting to be done and buy the worms accordingly. They are sold in weights, and 2,000 worms will weigh about two pounds.

You can always start with a small number of worms and gradually raise the volume and number as you gain experience and confidence with your composter.

6. What Are The Top Manufacturers Of Worm Composters?

The leading companies that are known to make the best selling worm composters are Worm Factory, Nature’s Footprint, VermiHut, Quest, Homestead Essentials, Tumbleweed, Generic, Dirt Dynasty, Kahariam Farms, Agrilife, Jialiming, SLO County Worm Farm, and a few more.

These manufacturers know what their customers are looking for and make quality composters with essential features, backed by customer support and warranties.

Get A Perfect Worm Composter For Your Garden

What every customer is looking for is an easy to use and maintain composter that becomes a seamless part of the garden and daily routine. Now that you are aware of the essential aspects to focus on when shopping for a composter, look for only the best worm composter that meets your needs and budget.

We are sure that you found this page useful in your quest for the right worm composter and know how to find that best all-around solution. However, before you buy, get some info on the vermicompost process and how to get the best out of your composting bin.