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"My NatureMill composter is awesome! We use to throw away so much food because it passed the expiration date, or it was pushed to the back of the refrigerator for too long...I've recommended this product to all my friends and family--especially those with a stinky kitchen trash!! It's infinitely better than baking soda and so good for my plants! The only downside is that we sometimes run out of food to put in it!"

Anna Y.

"This thing is amazing...it has reduced our household waste 50% and has led us to make healthier food choices.... THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY GARDEN!"
Jacob S.

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"What I love about NatureMill is how EASY it makes composting - no odors, no sifting through the compost layers, no waiting - instant gratification...My household benefits from saving money in not having to acquire a larger trash container. We also are more aware and enlightened about waste. We have our recycling and our composting so we make a conscientious effort to avoid items that would mean additional garbage in the main trash container."

Karen B.

"NatureMill has changed my life. As I get older I can't turn my compost pile (and I never really got it to work anyway). Now I have great compost on a regular basis, without the heavy lifting."
Edmond R.

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"I think my Nature Mill is the greatest! Within about a week it produces a rich, dark compost that's wonderful for our garden spots, both floral and vegetable. And the compost tea collected in the reservoir is an added bonus very much appreciated by all of my houseplants!"

Valerie M.

"We had been making the trip out to the compost bin for years with very little to show for it. Now we get better compost without even stepping outside. Why didn't someone invent this earlier?"
Susan T.

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"The great thing is that I didn't have to put anything together. Simply plug it in and start using it... Cuts down on house hold waste and is great for the environment."

Jeffrey B.
New Jersey

"I'm so pleased that (NatureMill) is selling so well. Good for you for coming up with such an easy way to compost!"
Vanessa Y.
Alberta, Canada

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"NatureMill is great - Its so simple to use and no odor. I was completely surprised to see how fast compost was made....I would recommend NatureMill to anyone."

Erica J.
New York

"For years, we've wanted to compost, but the condo association wouldn't have been happy with a big bin in the back yard. NatureMill is solving our problem perfectly--we have it in our kitchen ... and we feed it all of our scraps. Thank you for this clever machine!"
Sarah V.

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"The compost is sweet, rich, and perfect texture. I'll bet my garden produces like crazy next season. It makes me feel so good that I'm adding really rich soil to the earth."

Cynthia N.

"What a great product this is!I'm the busy-mom type; I'd like to help save the environment for my kids but composting seemed like a lot of work--until I found your product!"
Janet L.

"This thing is built like a gem. Please thank the individual or team who designed it, as I totally appreciate the simplicity!"
Kevin L.

"With NatureMill, I don't have to work so hard at making compost. I have lots of compost bins, but they tend to dry out and require a great deal of time and attention to make compost."
Nicki F., Arizona