Best Composts For Garden

Best Composts For Garden 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Solid waste management has become a serious concern for many countries in the recent years. Since the idea of sustainable living is getting popular, a few companies have advertised the use of composters for processing solid waste, and it won the hearts. Using composters can be described as one of the best ways to handle the solid waste of the household, and having a lush green garden to show off.

If you are looking for a composter that can make the best compost  for garden, then you have the option to choose from continuous composters, batch composters, or indoor composters, according to your specific requirements.

People often write to us asking suggestions for investing in the best composters. If you are also looking for the same, you should not miss this list of top 10 compost bins in 2020, along with their features, pros and cons.

Top 10 Best Composts For Garden 2020 

1. Fcmp Black Outdoor Tumbling Composter

37 Gallon Black Outdoor Tumbling Composter from FCMP is an 8 sided dual-chamber tumbling composter that is designed to offer the highest convenience. If you are searching for an efficient composter bin, then this can be a great choice.

The composter can finish processing waste within a maximum of 2 weeks, and it will put an end to all the hassle of producing compost manually. Two separate chambers are better than single chamber composters, and the total capacity of the unit is 37 gallons.

Users have said, it is highly effective, and the aeration is good. The compost bin is completely UV inhibited and BPA free, and it will be a perfect deal for first-time buyers of compost bins.


  • The built quality is strong
  • Tumbling composters makes the processing of waste easier
  • No more investment for fertilizers for houseplants/gardens
  • Effective waste management solution
  • Highly efficient
  • 8 sides dual chambers
  • Excellent aeration
  • Easy to use
  • Completely BPA free
  • Comes with an affordable price tag
  • Total capacity is 37 gallons
  • Ideal for first-time users


  • A few buyers have complained about the durability

2. Remon Since 1883 High-Quality Compost Bin

Are you searching for the best garden composter for your garden? High-Quality Compost Bin from Remon Since 1883 has become very popular for its unique design, and it features a convenient snap-on lid design to offer the highest convenience to the users.

The composter has four access doors and a top snap-on lid to get the compost when it is ready for the garden. Buyers need to assemble the composter, and they will get the user manual along with the instructions. The built quality is superb, and it will last for years.

Manufacturers have used UV stabilized material to ensure optimum durability, and it comes with multiple aeration holes that help to accelerate decomposition uniquely. The composter bin will be a fantastic deal for buyers looking for an easy-to-use, efficient and fast compost maker.


  • Made from 80% post-consumer waste
  • BPA free
  • UV stabilized material makes it highly durable
  • Features multiple aeration holes
  • Efficiently processes the waste
  • Ideal for household use
  • Saves on the cost of fertilizers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Features a simple snap-on lid design
  • There are four access doors
  • No tools needed for assembling
  • Ideal for first-time buyers


  • The compost bin is not squirrel proof

3. Ejwox Dual Rotating Composter

Dual-chamber compost bins have become highly popular in recent years for their ease of use. This new BPA Free Dual Rotating Composter for Outdoor Use from EJWOX features optimum built quality, and it comes with a unique aeration system that mixes the waste properly resulting in faster outcomes. The composter comes with dual-chamber design, which ensures better airflow in the chamber.

Organic compost is being sold in the market with a high price tag, but investing in this composter will help you get rid of expense forever. The compost bin comes with a durable powder-coated steel frame, and the convenient loading height makes it perfect for buyers. Now, you can prepare best compost for garden organically with this high quality compost bin.


  • Features optimum built quality
  • Dual chamber design
  • Unique design for faster processing of waste
  • The aeration system is amazing
  • The price tag is affordable
  • Comes with high-quality powder-coated steel frame
  • The loading height is convenient for all
  • No rust problems in feet
  • Ideal for farmers and amateur gardeners


  • Some people said they have received a defective product

4. Geobin Expandable Composter Unit

Geobin needs no introduction, as it is one of the most popular composter makers available in the US market. If you are thinking to buy a composter for the long term, then this composter bin will be perfect. New 216 Gallon Expandable Composter Unit from Geobin features a large capacity where you can process the organic food waste to produce best compost for garden.

The compost bin is expandable up to 4 feet, and it is made from high quality recycled plastic. Manufacturers have designed the product to offer better aeration, and it truly works. Excellent ventilation makes processing faster than usual, and it is good for the buyers.

If you are thinking about making compost for your garden on your own while using your household waste, then you should not miss this product. The bin is good for first-timers as well as professionals, as it is so easy to use.


  • One of the best deals for buyers
  • Huge capacity
  • Ideal for people who require a lot of compost for their garden
  • The bin is expandable up to 4 ft
  • Excellent ventilation for fast processing
  • Produces high-quality compost
  • Highly durable product
  • Features unique design
  • Comes with a reasonable price tag


  • A few buyers have complained about the quality

5. Lifetime Heavy Duty 60058 Compost Tumbler

This 80 Gallon Heavy Duty 60058 Compost Tumbler from Lifetime is made from high-density Polyethylene plastic along with powder-coated steel, which makes it a perfect choice for people who love making their own compost rather than buying from market. The tumbler design composter can process 80 gallons of waste at a time, and the single chamber design is preferred by many.

Heat and oxygen play a vital role in the decomposition of the materials, and the unique double-walled panels help to retain the heat that accelerates the process in a unique way. The tumbler design composter comes with metal feet, and it is powder-coated to withstand external heat and water for years to come.

There’s an internal bar located inside the compost bin, which helps to mix and maintain the flow of oxygen inside the chamber.


  • Unique tumbler design
  • Large capacity
  • Made with high-density polyethylene plastic
  • Double-walled panel
  • Single tumbler design
  • Sturdy built quality to withstand heat and water
  • Lasts long
  • Comes with an affordable price tag
  • Galvanized steel base
  • Buyers will get tutorial DVD in this package


  • Some users are not happy with the design

6. D.F Omar Compost Bin

This 110 Gallon High-Quality Lightweight Compost Bin from D.F. Omer will be a great deal for buyers, who are searching for the best garden composter. Made from high quality recycled plastic, it can help you to leave green footprints for a better tomorrow.

Manufacturers have focused on the quality, and they have used 100% BPA free materials for its making. If you are looking for a simple compost bin that is easy to use and completely hassle-free, then this bin would be an ideal solution for you. D.F.Omer’s bin is so easy to use that you won’t even need to dig, shovel, or mix the soil manually.

110 Gallon High-Quality Lightweight Compost Bin from D.F. Omer comes with two years of warranty, and by investing in this compost bin, you will enjoy durability and ease of use like never before. The composter comes with an affordable price tag, and if you are looking for good quality compost bins under $100, this will be a great buy.


  • Processes organic waste faster
  • Made with high-quality plastic
  • Produces 100% organic compost for the garden
  • The material is BGPA free
  • The PP plastic helps in heat retention
  • Easy to assemble
  • Buyers will get two years of warranty
  • Simple to use


  • Door is located at the bottom, due to which opening it becomes a little messy

7. Fcmp Dual Body Hotfrog Tumbler

Dual Body Hotfrog High-Quality Tumbler Composter from FCMP Outdoor ranks among the list of top 10 composters for its efficiency. The composter features a tumbler design that makes mixing easily like never before. If you put the right amount of waste in the composter, the unit can process the waste within two weeks, and the compost will be ready to be used for the plants.

The simple design makes it one of the devices that can make best compost for garden, and it can help buyers to save the cost of fertilizers in the long run. The compost bin features large openings along with removable doors, and the ergonomic handholds will make it easy to handle all the time. There are two separate bodies so that you can have an alternative for storing the waste for processing the next batch.

Manufacturers have prioritized aeration, and the unique design provides necessary heat and air to accelerate the decomposition process. If you are looking for a durable composter, then take a look at this one before making a decision.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable construction makes it ideal for long term use
  • Two composting chambers for added convenience
  • Can process two batches of compost at a time
  • Large opening for hassle-free use
  • Comes with an affordable price tag
  • Excellent aeration ensures fast processing
  • Get high-quality organic waste
  • Saves your money uniquely
  • Ideal for gardeners
  • It has a dual body
  • Total capacity is 37 gallons


  • Some people said it takes too long to make compost

8. Spin Bin Tumbler Rotating Composter Bin

Spin Bin Tumbler Rotating Composter BinSpin Bin has launched this New 60 Gallon Tumbler Rotating Composter Bin that can process the waste faster. The product is made in the USA, thus ensuring optimum built quality, and you can prepare necessary compost from household waste for your garden.

The composter is easy to install, and buyers will get proper guidance for assembling. Buyers will get a two-year warranty on the product, and if you are looking for durable composters, this will be a great choice without any doubt. The composter has super-strong steel legs, and it can withstand environmental damage easily.


  • Built with high-quality material
  • Maximum capacity is 60 gallons
  • Process organic waste like a pro
  • Get rid of harmful fertilizers
  • The product is molded in the US
  • Optimum built quality to last for years
  • The price tag is affordable
  • Buyers will get two years warranty
  • Buyers will get instructions for assembling


  • Quality of the stand is not good

9. Redmon Grey Compost Bin

Are you tired of the hassle of producing homemade compost for your plants? This New 37 Gallon Grey Compost Bin from Redmon has introduced an ergonomic compost bin, which will put an end to the hassle of producing compost. The compost bin capacity is 37 gallon and it has a large door so that you can put the waste inside the composter without any problem.

The compost features a tumbler design, and it comes with 6 inch wheels for mobility. Buying this 37 Gallon Grey Compost Bin from Redmon will help in efficient waste management, and it will also exceptionally save the cost of fertilizer. If you are looking for the best compost for garden, you should take a look at how this product works, and it will be helpful.


  • Features ergonomic design
  • Ideal for producing high-quality organic compost
  • Highly efficient
  • The capacity is 37 gallons
  • It has 6 inch wheels for mobility
  • Greener alternative for organic waste
  • Saves money in the long run
  • Lasts long


  • The design is not convenient for some buyers

10. Exaco Trading Eco King Green Composter

Exaco Trading Eco King Green Composter110 Gallon Eco-King Green Composter from Exaco Trading Company is a high-quality composter bin manufactured by one of the most reputed companies. The compost bin is made from 100% recycled UV-resistant polypropylene, and, if you are thinking to buy a high-quality composter for recycling your household organic waste, then this will be a good product.

The composter bin is capable of turning your organic waste into high-quality compost, and the process is very simple. The bin has two large top flaps for hassle-free filling, and this is one of the devices to make the best compost for garden.  If you are amazed by the idea of sustainable living and thinking about investing in a compost bin for smart management of household organic waste, then this is the best way.


  • Process organic waste smartly
  • Maximum capacity of the bin is 110 gallons
  • The composter is easy to use
  • Made from high-quality polypropylene
  • Made to last long
  • Ideal for gardeners
  • Helps to save the money
  • Say no to toxic fertilizers


  • The clips are not that good


1. Can I Produce Export Quality Organic Compost With Composter Bin?

Yes, you can produce expert quality 100% organic compost using the compost bins mentioned here.

2. Is Compost Good For Plants?

Organic compost is the best choice for the plants, as it comes organically, whereas chemical fertilizers are produced in laboratories and are not good for the plants.

3. Can I Use All Types Of Organic Waste For Producing Compost?

Yes, if it is organic, you can use it for producing compost. It’s a smart technique of waste management with endless benefits.

4. How Long Does It Take To Make A Batch?

It depends on the quantity and treatment. A small amount of organic waste can be processed within two or three weeks, whereas a large amount of quantity may even take two years.

Making The Final Choice For The Composter To Make The Best Compost For Garden

The aforementioned products are some of the best compost bins available in the US market, and you can benefit a lot by taking a look at their features, reviews, pros and cons. Certain things like built material, heat retention, and ventilation are important for preparing high-quality compost, and you can choose the best product just by considering these things carefully.

You don’t even need to exceed the budget, as there are many good products available under a tight budget too. We hope you will find the composter to make the best compost for garden easily through this guide.