Best Compost Bins

Best Compost Bins 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Wouldn’t it be deeply satisfying to adopt an environment-friendly way to get rid of garbage? Well, seldom do we care about such long-term vision, but composting is something that will keep your garden clean and plants healthy and help you in getting rid of leftover food and other wastes, which can be degraded to create good-quality of organic manure for your garden.

Well, you don’t have to dig up your yard to prepare compost. With the help of the best compost bins available in the market, preparing compost has become a run to the mill. Herein, we will also be highlighting the best composters and a few tips that you must consider before buying a compost bin.

Top 10 Best Compost Bins 2020

1. Fcmp Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter

Are you a beginner who is willing to prepare compost starting from scratch, then this composter by FCMP Outdoor is an excellent choice for you. With 37 gallon capacity, this composter will suffice your yard’s manure requirement.

Designed with tumbling feature, you don’t need to get your hands dirty. You need to just fill in the scrap and grass clipping, and rotate the composter. This is efficient enough to prepare compost in just 2 weeks. Moreover, the composter comes with two chambers, so that you can simultaneously prepare the compost.

The compost box is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polypropylene; and it is BPA free as well as highly durable. You can easily place it in your yard and add the clippings or other leftovers to it and let the bin do the magic. If you want the best compost outdoor bin, then you must consider investing in this product.


  • BPA free
  • Efficient to prepare compost in 2 weeks
  • Easy to use
  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycled polypropylene


  • The door seems to get jammed during the winter season

2. D.F Omer Large Compost Bin

Managing a big yard can be problematic sometimes, especially when it comes to fulfilling the requirement of organic manure and compost waste. What if you can prepare it all by yourself? This large compost bin with 420-liter capacity should be your choice.

It is made from recycled plastic, so you do your bit for the environment by choosing this composter bin. This is a fast and efficient composter, which can complete the task in just 4- 6 weeks.

Using this compost bin is easy. You can easily open the bin and feed in large quantities of clippings and other materials. The door at the bottom makes it easy for you to take out the prepared compost.

This composter is made from the best quality, BPA-free, and recycled plastic. If you are looking for a durable and the best compost bin for your yard, then you should consider investing in this composter by D.F. Omer.


  • Highly-efficient composter
  • It is made from recycled plastic
  • The composter is UV-inhibited
  • Easy to use


  • Assembling the composter is a tedious task

3. Geobin Compost Bin

If you are looking for a simplistic and easy-to-use compost bin, then the best choice that you can make is by buying this 216-gallon composter by Geobin. It is designed with durable material that lasts longer.

This is an expandable compost bin that is easy to assemble. If you want the best compost of all the varieties, then you need to invest in this best compost bin; and this is the right product for you.


  • Expandable compost bin
  • Large-sized composter
  • It is affordable


  • Made from 50% recycled plastic

4. Redmon Compost Bin

This compost bin is going to match all your expectations. Designed for the garden-lovers who also love to prepare their own compost, this composter is easy to use. The open snap function makes using this compost bin easy. All you need to do is open the lid and add the clippings and scrapes.

This compost bin has a lot of holes of different sizes, making it breathable and aids the process of composting. So, if you want the best home composter, then you can start your shopping today.


  • Made from durable materials
  • Highly breathable compost bin
  • Easy to use the snap-on lid


  • The holes make it easy for rodents to pass through it

5. Cooler Kitchen Compost Bin

Kitchen wastes are common, and sometimes you may wonder, can there be a useful way to recycle this waste and create something useful from it? Well, then the answer is yes!!!

With the help of this composter by Cooler Kitchen, you can easily discard all the leftover food and peels, etc. into the bin and convert them into compost.

This bin comes with 2-layer charcoal filter that traps the odor, so that you don’t have to worry about the fetid odor. Your kitchen is going to smell fresh as mint, while you have this portable composter converting the leftover food into compost.

This countertop compost bin is made of metal-carbon steel that gives it durability. Moreover, this material resists rusting and the inner layer of the bin is dishwasher safe. You can easily wash it in your dishwasher.

So, here is the best way to get rid of kitchen waste in a stylish and modern way. The white and black look of this bin makes it to easily sync with the interior of your kitchen.


  • It comes at a reasonable price.
  • Stylish design
  • Dishwasher safe inner lining
  • Comes with two charcoal filter


  • The lid gets rusted

6. Oxo Mini Compost Bin

This mini compost bin by OXO is the best mini compost available in the market for your kitchen. This charcoal-colored and compact bin is perfect for all your kitchen wastes.

If you are a beginner and are looking for a compost bin to prepare the organic manure from your household wastes, then this is the product that you must choose.

It has a 2.83-liter capacity and is the right choice if you have a small garden. You can start your compost preparation journey with this compost bin.

The bottom part of this compost bin comes with a removable lid, making it easy for you to remove the compost. It is available in two different sizes, i.e., 0.75 gallons and 1.75 gallons. So, based on your requirement, you can choose the desired size.


  • Portable and easy to use
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Comes with a removable lower lid


  • Not as durable as metal or steel

7. Ejwox Dual Chamber Compost Bin

The next product in our list of best compost bin is the dual chamber compost bin by EJWOX. This 43-gallon compost bin comes with the rotating feature, which allows easy mixing.

The compost bin is made of good quality material and is rodent proof. The excellent aeration of this compost bin ensures that you can make compost in an easy process. All you need to do is turn this compost bin 5-6 times in 2-3 days, and you will have your homemade compost ready.

If you wish to prepare your compost using an excellent and easy-to-use compost bin, then this is the best compost container for you.


  • Made from good quality material
  • Rodent proof design
  • Good Aeration
  • Comes with rotating feature


  • Assembling this compost bin can be tricky

8. Oxo Easy to Clean Compost Bin

This is yet another compost bin by OXO, but this one comes with a larger capacity. It is 1.24 liter in capacity and is perfect for small garden compost requirements.

The white color gives it a stylish twist, which makes it easy and harmonious with the interior of your kitchen. It is made from durable plastic with dishwasher safe inner lining, thereby making the task of cleaning this compost bin very easy and hassle-free.

So, if you are looking for a portable and stylish compost bin that will help you prepare compost easily, this is the right product choice.


  • Stylish design
  • Easy to use
  • The inner lining is washable in the dishwasher.


  • Not as durable as metal or steel compost bin

9. Cooler Kitchen Compost Bin

Cooler Kitchen is known for introducing some of the best compost bins, and this bin is one of them. The quirky red color will catch your eyes easily and give a more vibrant touch to the place where you keep it.

If you are wondering what is the best composter for beginners? Then, this is the best composter for beginners. One of the common questions that become a worry for many is how to discard the kitchen waste and food peels; you can use this compost pin. It comes with inner charcoal filters that absorb all the fetid smell, thereby leaving your kitchen smell fresh.

It is made from durable material, and hence you can expect it to last long. The plastic inner bucket of this compost bin is safe to be used in the dishwasher. So, cleaning this compost bin is an easy task. All you need to do is to remove the inner lining and wash it in the dishwasher.

This is developed from metal-carbon steel, which gives this compost bin added durability. The compost bin is perfect for every home, and if you want to invest in a stylish and durable compost bin, then this is the right choice for you.


  • Made from metal-carbon steel
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Cleaning is hassle-free
  • Inner plastic lining is dishwasher-friendly


  • Rusting is observed under the lids

10. Modern Barnhaus Compost Bin

This is a stylish and sleek countertop compost bin, which is perfect for every kitchen. The cool blue color will make it an instant eye-catcher, and will also aid it to sync with the interior of the kitchen easily.

It is made of stainless steel, which gives it added durability and longevity. This compost bin comes with 6 charcoal filters, inner lining, and a detailed guide on how to use the compost bin.

Discarding the waste is the biggest trouble, while you cannot do anything about the cans, tins, and glasses, but you can surely degrade the peels, leftover food, etc., into compost. This compost bin lives up to the expectation of all the modern household needs.

It is a portable, durable, looks stylish, and is long-lasting. So, if you are looking to start your compost making journey, and want to buy the best compost container, then you should begin to use this compost bin by Modern Barnhaus.


  • Made with steel
  • Durable design
  • Comes in cool blue color
  • Six carbon filters included.
  • Odor-free compost bin


  • Smaller in size

Factors To Look For While Buying Best Compost Bin

Composting is a tedious task, especially if you are new to it. With the advent of this innovative composting technology and other novel inventions coming into place, you can now prepare compost at home. The compost bins are available in varied sizes, ranging from small sizes to huge bins for larger yards. Hence, you can make a pick based on your preference.

If you look around on the internet, you will find many options out there. Many companies and brands promote their products, thereby leaving you baffled; but when it comes to picking the one you need, especially when you are new to composting, it requires additional effort. Here are few factors that you must consider while buying a compost bin:

1. Type

One of the first things that you need to take into consideration is the type of compost bin. You can find the following types in the market:

Compost Tumblers
This is one of the popular types of compost tumblers, which can be easily rolled, thereby allowing the compost to be moist and making the composting process faster and more efficient.

Compost Bins
If you are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use composter, compost bins are a good choice. These range from 75 gallons to 200 gallons. Based on your compost requirement, you can choose the desired size.

Worm Composter
Another popular variant that you can find in the market is the worm composter. They are also known as vermin-composter. It has red wiggler worms that eat up organic waste and leave their droppings as worm casts. These are considered to be great manure for the soil. Moreover, you can use this vermin-composter for all the year round.

Kitchen Composters
These have become very popular in the modern household. If you don’t have a big yard, you don’t have to worry as these composters are portable and can be easily placed in your kitchen.

Most of the compost bins are made of metal-carbon steel or recycled plastic. These come with charcoal filters which absorb the odor and keeps your kitchen fresh.

2. Size

Now that you know about the types of composters available in the market, your next move should be considering the right size. They are also available in different sizes, which will decide whether it will match your requirements or not. There are many sizes available in the market.

You can choose the right size based on your requirements; for example, you can find a compost bin as small as 0.75 gallon to the ones that reach up to 200 gallons or more. If you have a smaller yard, then a 0.75 gallon compost bin would suffice your requirements.

3. Material

One of the key factors that you must not miss is the compost bins’ material. You would not want to replace the compost bin again and again. Hence, it becomes important that you must choose a compost bin that is made of good quality material.

You will find a compost bin made of recycled plastic or metal-carbon steel. Both of these materials are highly durable. While buying a compost bin, you must not ignore the material as they ensure that the compost is safe from environmental impacts and the attacks of pests and rodents.

4. Pest Resistant

As we discussed above, the compost bin must be free from pests. Compost raw materials like peels, scraps, and food wastes attract the pests.

Moreover, the humid conditions inside the bin can become a breeding ground for cockroaches. To avoid all this, you must choose a well-aerated compost bin, and at the same time, the holes must not be big enough that can allow squirrels and rodents to penetrate inside and disrupt the process of composting.

5. Reviews

You must take into account the reviews and ratings of the product while buying a composter. The best composter reviews are going to help you in deciding whether or not you must invest in a particular product. Hence, you must check the reviews become especially important for you while making an online purchase.

6. Price

Lastly, you must compare the pricing among all the other varieties available in the market before making a purchase. Since, there are many brands available, you may get baffled. You can make the best purchase by keeping the above pointers mentioned above in your key considerations and comparing the pricing.

Besides, you can purchase compost bins online. Here, you can find many sellers and get the product at the best price.

FAQs on Compost Bin

Q1. How To Keep Pests And Rodents Away From The Compost Bin?

Compost bins have a lot of stuff in it. Moreover, the warm and moist ecosystem that prevails inside the compost bin will be a key attracting aspect to pests and rodents. One of the first things that you should do is to purchase the one, which deters the pests. Here are a few tips that will help you in this:

The first thing that you need to do is to add food in piles instead of dumping them
You must buy a pest-resistant bin
The air holes on the bids must be small

Q2. Where Should I PlaceThe Compost Bin?

The best place to keep the compost bin is in the shade as it creates the moist condition, and at the same time, it also prevents the compost from drying up, thereby aiding the composting process.

Q3. How Often Should The Compost Bin Be Tumbled?

It is important to keep on mixing the raw material of compost as it allows the organism to flourish and grow. Once you have tumbled, leave it for a few days, and then again begin the process of tumbling.

There are various compost bins that come with tumbling feature; thus, allowing mixing the compost at frequent interval. It ensures faster creation of compost. Moreover, the microorganism aiding the process of compositing gets enough oxygen that helps them to get the right growing ecosystem. Regular tumbling also prevents the compost from drying out.

Q4. Can I Add Natural Cork To The Compost Bin?

You can surely add natural cork or anything biodegradable, but the fact is that it will take a lot of time to decompose corks. Natural cork acts as a food source for a few of the microorganisms in the compost bin; moreover, they are also porous, which aerates the bin thereby allowing the composting process to continue.

Best Compost Bin – Conclusion

Composting can be fun, especially if you have the right tools and equipment with you. Nowadays, you can find different types and sizes of compost bins, thereby making the process of composting very simple and easy. Hence, we have listed 10 most popular choices above, and you can choose one from these.

Now that you know about the compost bins and the factors associated with the compost bins, you must consider them while choosing the right compost bin so that you can now get the best one for your need. You must make sure that you only choose the best quality compost bin that can make your composting process easy and hassle-free.