Best Backyard Composters

Best Backyard Composters 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Many of us who you have a garden or want to grow your vegetables can understand the importance of nutrient-rich compost or fertilizers. The homemade organic compost makes flower beds or vegetables healthier. Not only this, but you will also save tons of garbage from going to landfills.

You will be surprised to know an average household produces 20% of waste from yard and food scraps. Most of our food waste goes to commercial composting facilities, and then you buy your waste from the market to make your soil nutritious. The thing is, you can make your compost from your kitchen scraps and yard waste with the help of best backyard composter.

Thus, we have shortlisted ten best backyard composters after carefully reviewing each one. We have also added some more useful information to make your selection easy.

Top 10 Best Backyard Composters 2020

1. FCMP IM4000 Tumbling Composter

If you want to avoid mixing and digging the compost by hand, this tumbler should be the first preference. It will allow you to combine the compost easily without any hard work. If you turn around the tumbler 5-6 times in 2-3 days during a hot sunny climate, the compost will be ready in two weeks. The product comes with large openings and removable door that makes adding scraps and removing compost easy.

The composter has ergonomic handholds, which makes the process much more comfortable. It comes with two compost chambers; while one side is cooking, you add waste to the other side. The product features a total capacity of 37 gallons, made with 100% post-consumer recycled polypropylene. It is safe and does not degrade under sunlight. Thanks to its galvanized steel frame, which also is corrosion resistant.


  • Easy to rotate
  • Good size and capacity
  • Two chambers
  • BPA Free
  • UV inhibited
  • Durable construction
  • Excellent aeration


  • Assembling is tedious

2. DF Omer Large Garden Composter Bin

Creating nutrient-filled soil for your garden could be challenging, but D.F. Omer’s compost tumblers make the entire process simple. It is so easy to use to even a ten-year-old can manage. You can limit your waste and save money with the help of a composter bin. All you have to do is fill your bin with the organic waste. Once it turns into fertile soil, add it in your garden.

This bin is made using recycled plastic, and it is 100% BPA free. Therefore, it will not cause any harm to your compost. Its black PP plastic will also regulate moisture and maintain heat and reduce the time taken to produce the compost. These bins are easy to assemble and use, and you can get to composting without any hard work. Your waste will be secured from pesky critters. It also comes with two years of warranty to provide you with a hundred percent customer satisfaction.


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy
  • Value for money
  • Spacious
  • Easy to assemble


  • You have to cut through the hard plastic that requires tools

3. Exaco Thermo King 900 Giant Composter

You can give this bin hundred percent marks for its durability and sturdiness. It consists of a thick material made to last for long. The walls are 4mm thick, and they ensure stability. The company claims it to be the newest technology when it comes to composter materials. It also has a substantial-top opening because it comes with two lids that have wind “locks” system. Bottom doors make it easy to remove the compost.


  • Composter materials made using the newest technology
  • Great for large yards
  • Made using recycled plastic
  • Has thick walls
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Two years of warranty


  • Very flimsy

4. Geobin Expandable Compost Bin

If you want to create your compost quickly, then the GEOBIN composter is a perfect alternative. The product is affordable and can hold abundant compost, which can be set up quickly. It is excellent for both beginners and masters. You can use the finished compost in your flower beds and enjoy seeing them increase. The company has revived many good reviews and five stars for excellent customer service and high-quality bins.


  • Huge capacity and expandable
  • Easy to assemble and move
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Great ventilation
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Not very pleasing to eyes

5. Full Black Redmon Compost Bin

This bin consists of using rugged weather-resistant plastic. It has a UV protection feature and can hold 65 gallons of waste or compost. You will be impressed with its long life, which can produce the right amount of compost in less time.

You can easily lift the lid and place your waste inside. You will notice ample holes to maintain the ventilation holes that ensure the flow of oxygen inside the bin to fasten and regulate the composting process. It comes with the b 4 base doors that let you remove the compost easily. It is easy to assemble a bin that makes composting easy and quick.


  • Four doors to remove compost
  • Massive duty bin made to last long
  • Easy and straightforward to put together
  • Made using UV stabilized material and recycled plastic
  • Aeration holes for ventilation


  • Squirrels can chew the plastic

6. Fcmp Hotfrog HF-DBC4000

This model is the hybrid of most popular tumbling composter models. It is very easy to compost using this composter. The best part is you will not have to get your hands dirty for digging and mixing. All you have to do is keep turning your compost several times a week, and in hot conditions, it will be ready in two weeks.

The product comes with two sides: one lets your waste cook in other you can collect. Thus by swapping the sides, you can get a continuous flow of rich fertilizer. Both sides of the composter are meant to spin independently, which makes tumbling the composter much easier. It is made using recycled, BPA free, and UV inhibited plastic.

It is also designed to be rodent-free which can help you create healthy and nutritious compost for your garden in very less time. Overall, it is one of the best backyard composters due to great design, style, space, ease of assembling, and use. The product has received 5-star ratings by authorized buyers.


  • Can give you compost in two weeks
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with large openings to dump waste and removable doors
  • It also has excellent ergonomic handholds
  • Two separate bodies make the composting hassle-free.
  • Excellent aeration- because of holes.
  • BPA free and durable bin
  • All-weather resistant
  • Rodent proof


  • The radius of the barrel is small

7. Small 2-N-1 Kitchen Compost Bucket Silver

It is a bucket to carry your waste from the kitchen to the compost bin. This product can hold around one gallon of food scraps. It can fit on your kitchen top or under the sink easily because it looks great in the kitchen and can match any interior.

Instead of being sore in an eye, it will complement your kitchen decor. The lid of the bin has a rubber seal to lock the odors and will not let the insects get in. It is a significant kitchen bin to start composting and reduce your waste.


  • It comes with the liner to block the odors and insects
  • Great design and silver finish looks elegant
  • Can hold up to 1-gallon waste


  • Small in size for bigger households

8. Biometer Pet Waste Wizard Disposal Unit

If you have a dog or a cat, you need this eco-safe and responsible bin to handle your pet waste. It comes with a digester product that quickly breaks down your pet waste. You will be glad to know it can control the unhealthy odors produced by your pet waste.

The product is made using 100% recycled material which can even create fertilizer for your garden. You can use the compost of this bin on your tree’s soil and flower beds. It has been tested for two years. Even the waste of two fully grown Labradors could not fill the bin. Once the compost from this bin is added, worms are attracted, and they breakdown the waste on the top, adding their castings to it and making it more nutritious.

The procedure is straightforward. You have to add the waste and sprinkle the sachet of digester product. If the pet droppings are hard, you will have to add more water to it. If they are soft, then use less water. You are not required to add pet waste until 47 hours of worming. The bin should never be dried out; it should always be wet.


  • It breaks down pet waste quickly and turns it into nutritious compost
  • It is easy to use and install
  • It attracts worms to your garden


  • You cannot add this compost on your vegetable plants

9. Miracle Gro Single Chamber

This composter boasts of a sizeable 27-gallon chamber. You will be impressed with its side locking mechanism that allows easy to load and unload. It is a great design, shape and perfect long-lasting back yard composter.

The manufacturer has designed it with internal mixing bar, which can accelerate the decomposition process. The product is strengthened with polymer resin legs. Not to mention, it is UV protected.


  • Heavy duty
  • All season usable and everlasting
  • Large capacity


  • The flimsy stand that bends on one side when loaded

10. Eco-2000 Plus Kitchen Compost Waste Collector

This composter boasts of a large capacity that can hold up to 2.4 gallons of kitchen waste. Thanks to its filters, which can block the smells and keeps the flies and pests away. You will be impressed to know the manufacturer has designed it to last long.

The product consists of a high density of polyethylene. Not to mention, it is dishwasher safe. You will be impressed to know once you ordered it, you will get one kitchen composter and four carbon replacement filter for one year.


  • Large capacity
  • Comes with four carbon filters for the whole year
  • Reduces odors


  • The lid has no seal

Factors To Look For When Choosing Best Backyard Composter

It is quite confusing when you are provided with different types of backyard composters because many of them come in different shapes, sizes and even in different styles. Each of these has various features, advantages, and disadvantages.

So many options can be overwhelming for a few of us, and it can become a daunting task to select the best backyard composter. The following section will make you aware of certain factors so that you can clear off your doubts and make an informed choice.

1. Size

Size of the composter is an essential factor because it depends upon the size of your backyard. You should also know the amount of waste you are going to produce. One bucket every day or every two-three days or you waste quantity will be one bucket once a week.

You may have more than one bucket of waste every day as well. The quantity of your waste is a major deciding factor for the size of your composter. You will also need a dedicated space to keep your composter. You must measure the area and buy the right size only to avoid hassles after purchase.

2. Material

You can buy plastic composters that are strong, but after a few years, they become brittle or can crack. Moreover, plastic is not an eco-friendly material. Cheap plastic will release chemicals into your compost, but it is affordable. Metal composters are stronger, aesthetically pleasing, and have a long-lasting life but costly. Wooden composters are also available, but in outdoors metals work best.

3. Type Of Climate And Soil

What is the climate or usual temperature in your area? Is it cold, tropical, sub-tropical, arctic, desert? The material of the bin will also depend on the environment of your area.

4. Type Of Composters

You should think about your needs. What type of container do you want? Do you temporarily wish to store your food waste or you want to make your compost? Once you decide your requirement, you will be able to determine the type of container.

5. Reason Of Composting

You should ask yourself why you want to compost? Do you want fertilizer for your plants or there is some other reason? Do you have your kitchen garden or you want to make one? It will decide the type of compost you will make, the quantity of compost as well as the type of composter you will buy.

6. Bin Enclosure Composters

It is the basic most basic composting form, in which you dump leaves, kitchen scraps, or grass clippings in the bins that come with lids. They are great in keeping away the pests and other animals from waste. These bins help you keep the composting material inside.

The open bottom allows good drainage and access to earthworms. The earthworms help in breaking down the compost. You have to turn the piles to get your compost quickly. It can be reasonably tricky when the bins are full. Another option is just to let the waste sit, and nature does everything, but it will take a very long time.

7. Tumbler Style Composters

These composters make traditional composting easy and quick. They are designed in a way to make compost quick. These are plastic bins that can be turned on their access or wheels.

Just with a simple flick of the wrist, the turning of the compost is done. Many have hailed this type as one of the easiest one to use. If you have a small or medium-sized yard, then these tumblers are the best backyard composters.

Some tumblers come with double-sized bins to keep adding the waste on the other size. If you have a large family or you have large size yard that produces huge waste like grass and leaves you will need two tumblers as they have size limitation.

8. Worm Composters

Worm castings are very expensive when it comes to buying. Earthworms create these castings because they eat and break down composting material into casting, which is excellent for plants are supposed to be most nutrient-rich compost. In worm composters, you can make your worm castings. These composters have multilevel trays with worms. You have to add your waste into these trays, and the worms will do their work.

Once the tray is full of the waste, add another layer of waste. After composting is finished, the tray will move up to the next waste. Kitchen scraps and shredded paper waste is perfect for these types of composters. Their capacity is lowest in comparison to others, but they provide you with the most nutritious compost.


1. What Is Process To Make A Compost In Your Backyard?

Here are four simple steps to make compost:

  1. Buy the best backyard composter
  2. Dump your waste in the compost.
  3. Add water and mix it using a shovel.
  4. Wait for it to turn into compost.

2. What Are The things That Can Be Compost And That Cant Be Compost?

You can compost:

  1. Kitchen food scraps
  2. Banana peels
  3. Coffee grounds
  4. Tea residue
  5. Garden waste
  6. Eggshells

You should not compost the following:

  1. Meat
  2. Dairy
  3. Oil
  4. Diseased plants
  5. Pet feces
  6. Coal and charcoal ash

3. What Are The Elements Of Composting?

The key elements that play an essential role in composting are nitrogen, carbon air and water. If they are added together in the right quantity, they make perfect compost.

4. What Is The Place To Keep Your Composter In The Back Yard?

The place in your backyard should be easy to reach and easy to add. It must have a proper drainage system so that you must also find out if there any regulations regarding composting in your area. If you keep the bin in the shady area as this reduces the need for water.

5. What Is The Right Time To Add The Compost In The Garden?

Compost never breaks down entirely in the bin. So, adding it before the spring allows the microbes to break it down completely.

Turn Your Waste Into Black Gold With Our Best Back Yard Composter

Composting can be a profession, hobby or just an activity to become eco-friendly. It helps you improve your plant’s health, soil fertility and even helps save your money on chemical fertilizers. An average household produces a large amount of food waste from apple seeds, eggshells, coffee and tea grinds, peels, cores, shredded newspapers, leaves and grass clippings.

To make your compost all you have to do is dump your trash in these bins, add water and toss them occasionally. Some labor-intensive composters require you only to turn the handle once a day and let nature do the rest of the work.

When compost bins did not exist, people used to make a compost pile in the yard. It was an effective but impractical way of composting which could not keep pests away. The composting pile of debris was also sore in the eyes. You must have several types of backyard composters that can make the entire process of composting easy.

You can buy these composters online from the list we have provided. These containers promote and facilitate the activity of small organisms and microbes. Moreover, the bins are closed structures, and they do not make your yard look unpleasing.

The lids of these bins are tight enough to keep away the mice, rats and raccoons. It will help you in keeping the environment green and clean. All you need is a perfect mix of air and moisture as well as a proper drainage system.

We have left no stones unturned to provide you with our top ten list of the best backyard composters. We have researched and shortlisted a few backyard composters. In the end, we came up with ten best back yard composters.

All the composters in our list are the most impressive composters for backyards. If you start composting all the waste, you produce using our best composters. You can turn your waste into a bar of black gold that can make your garden rise and shine.