Best Lawn Tractors For Snow Removal

Best Lawn Tractors For Snow Removal 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Winter season brings joy to some people, whereas trouble for others. It is a joyful season for those who get to enjoy holidays with their beloved ones or family.

This season, however, adds problem for those who want to make ends meet even in the freezing zone.

The crucial thing that is essential in both cases is buying the best lawn tractor for snow removal, which would come in handy during the winter seasons.

However, purchasing a lawn tractor is not a cakewalk as you to find the best one out of plenty of other options available in the market.

To help you get the best one, we have researched and found out four best lawn tractors so that your precious time can be saved.

In this article, we will provide you with not only the top models but also other additional information that you will not find elsewhere, such as FAQs, product specifications, benefits and negative aspects, etc.. The goal is to help you make an informed choice.

Top 4 Best Lawn Tractors For Snow Removal 2020

1. Snow Joe SJ627E

If you are having a tough time to pass a road due to snow or want to clean your courtyard full of snow, then this model by Snow Joe will come to your rescue like a buddy.

The manufacturer is a leading company that never ceases its customers to introduce with innovative outdoor tools.

The model features a top-notch safety switch that prevents any potential accidents.

You will be impressed with its dual LED headlamps to light up the surface so that you will not face any visibility issue in the dark.

The 180-degree adjustable chute provides you with the mechanics to dump that snow wherever you like.

The model boasts on the power of gas. It will give you the performance of unlimited snow remover.

This 15-amp unit will provide you with no disappointment when it comes to clearing large snow accumulates from the driveways and walkways without exhausting much gas, oil, or any other fuel.

The manufacturer understands how frustrating it is to pull-cords or tangled extension cords, so it has made a push-button to kick off the device. All you have to do is plug in and pull the trigger.


  • Ideal for removing snow from large driveways and walkways
  • Comes with a safety switch
  • Comes with a 180-degree adjustable chute
  • Has dual LED headlamps


  • Some customers have complained about issues related to control and delivery

2. Cub Cadet 42 inch

The winter season may not bring joy to everyone; some people have to make their ends meet.

If you are looking for the best lawn tractor for snow removal, then you can to take a sigh of relief owing to this model from Cub Cadet.

The company has brought up this model, which is designed with innovative 3-stage technology.

It clears snow 25% faster than a traditional 2-stage snowblower. You will be impressed to know that this model can easily remove around 18 inches of snow in a single try.

The model consists of robust steel high arch chute, which offers optimal snow throwing.

You will notice there is a high volume accelerator for chopping snow. The product also features adjustable and replaceable skid shoes and scraper blade.

Cub Cadet has designed this model with the powerful 3X attachment snowblower so that it can clear off the most challenging snowfalls.

The model has a three-stage unit, which can clear both deep and heavy flurries of snow.

The seasonal attachment has been designed for strength and comfort. It also has reinforced brackets, braces, control ergonomics, enhanced knob, thicker auger housing, and so on.


  • Model has an innovative 3-stage technology
  • Has an adjustable and replaceable skid shoe and scraper blade
  • Model has a three-stage unit
  • Has a powerful 3X attachment snowblower


  • Some consumers complained that it can only perform well on thin layer of snow and not thick layers.

3. Snow Joe SJ618E 18-Inch

If you are looking for the best lawn tractor for snow removal, then this model is an ideal option.

Snow Joe is a leading manufacturer, and has made sure to design this model as a maintenance-free snow removal device.

Hence, you will notice no issues of gas, oil, or tune-ups, thereby making it effortless to start and maintain.

The model boasts of a 13-amp motor, which can remove up to 550 lbs of snow per minute.

There is two blade auger, which has abrasion-resistant plastic auger. You will be impressed to know that you can start the tool with a push of a button.

Nonetheless, the model is equipped with a safety switch button feature, which prevents potential accidents while shovelling the snow.

What makes Snow Joe a dependable manufacturer is that it provides excellent customer services along with two years of warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Model boasts of a 13-amp motor
  • Maintenance-free
  • Has a safety switch button feature
  • Has a two-blade auger made of abrasion-resistant plastic
  • ETL-approved unit


  • Some performance issues reported by customers

4. Arnold MTD 19A40024OEM

If you are looking for a snow thrower, which is durable and boasts of multiple features, then this model will put a smile on your face, thanks to its parts, accessories, and attachments.

The manufacturer has made sure that the product consists of top-quality and snow-friendly materials.

The model comprises of an accurate fit, design, body, and construction. The best part about this company is that it will provide you with easy-to-follow instructions and extra tips so that you will learn how to maintain this device and get the job done within no time.

The model has an innovative three-stage technology, which clears snow up to 25% faster than a traditional two-stage snow thrower.

There is high volume accelerator for cutting snow quickly and easily by removing 18-inch of snow with a single try.

The model consists of robust steel high arch chute, which provides optimal snow throwing.

However, it has an adjustable and replaceable skid shoe and scraper blade. The manufacturer has made sure that its customers will face no issues.

You will be impressed to know that there are bilingual customer support services provided by this manufacturer and easy-to-find replacement parts.


  • Has an innovative three-stage technology
  • Clears snow up to 25% faster
  • Model consists of robust steel high arch chute


  • Few customers have complained that the carrier assembled part was not found in the crate.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Lawn Tractor For Snow Removal

It is natural to get confused when you are provided with multiple options about the snow removal equipment.

We know that every garden needs the owner’s care where you can fix the grass and remove the snow in different seasons.

At this time, the best lawn tractor for snow removal can help you with an extra pair of attachments like a snowblower.

Even though a lawn looks beautiful, proper maintenance can enhance the beauty of your house for which it is necessary to find the right equipment and tractor that can help you in this situation without any difficulty.

It is the main reason that why you must consider the factors mentioned below before you can go ahead and purchase your favorite lawn tractor.

1. Attachments That Goes With A Lawn Tractor

One of the essential things while purchasing a lawn tractor is its attachments.

Without appropriate accessories, you cannot even think of plowing the snow in the winter season, because of which you want to purchase the lawn tractor at affordable rates by going through consistent details about attachments.

Extra tools can help you in removing snow without any difficulty. However, you must also make sure that the equipment you decided to purchase is compatible with your lawn tractor.

If you follow this rule, your lawn will continue to look beautiful even in the days of heavy snowfall.

2. Consumption Of Fuel

It is essential to consider the fuel consumption while you are purchasing a tractor for either mowing a lawn or plowing the snow.

If your tractor uses less fuel as compared to the others, it is considered to be the best choice that you can make for your garden.

With efficient tools, a tractor with less consumption of fuel can end up cheaper than you think.

3. The Tires Of Your Lawn Tractor

Another important thing that you need to consider while purchasing a lawn tractor is the tires.

If you end up compromising the quality, you will not get the required and desired results.

You might even spend more money on such a tractor than necessary. It is vital to choose a tractor having high-quality tires, especially for snowy areas.

If it snows a lot at your home, the roads and the laws might get slippery. At that time, you need tires that have a firm grip on the ground. However, if you don’t choose the best quality tires, the snow plowing quality would not be right.

4. The Deflector Of Your Tractor

While purchasing a tractor, if you have not considered the direction of throwing the snow, you might have to end up repurchasing the tractor because of unsatisfactory results.

Places with large snowy areas tend to have more snow than the necessary amount.

At that time, it will be a nightmare when you are dealing with the snow. In such weather, focusing on the deflector is more important than anything else.

5. Horsepower

The most crucial thing, in the end, is the horsepower that determines your tractor’s productivity at all times.

If your tractor has the lower power, you will not be able to plow much snow even after having a high-end product at hand.

The horsepower of the tractor should be checked. Also, you should keep an eye on its durability, deflector adjustability, chute adjustability, and width, etc.

6. Attachments You Need To Plow The Snow With The Tractor

Once you purchase a lawn tractor of excellent quality, you need to know whether you are getting the right equipment or not.

However, you might have some of these attachments at home without being aware of it.

At this time, it will be the best choice for you to turn your lawn tractor into the best equipment to remove the snow.

For that, you need to be aware of the following attachments that can help you with removing the excess amount of snow from your yard.

7. Plowing Blades

If you have plowing blades at home, you don’t need to purchase other things. It helps your tractor to get nearer to the ground.

It also aids you in clearing your garden effectively and getting rid of excess snow in one go.

8. Wheel Weights

Winter season brings snowfall that makes the ground slippery. At this time, if your tires are not firm on the ground, you might face an accident.

Therefore, wheel weights can help you with adding extra weight to your tires. Usually, these weights are attached to the rear tires of the snow tractor.

9. Tire Chains

If you still want to prevent your tractor from sliding on the slippery road, tire change can be the better option for you.

The tractors that don’t have four wheels are usually required to use tire chains in the places with heavy snowfall.

This tire chain helps in improving the performance of your tractor while removing the snow from your garden.

10. Snow Cabs

When it comes to the winter season, it is difficult for most of the residents to remove the snow even at lower temperatures.

It is especially hard to work relentlessly in the outdoors during the cold and windy environment.

If you cannot bear such winter while using your tractor out in your garden, it is better to use snow cabs that provide you protection from the harshness of the season.

Difference Between A Lawnmower And A Tractor

A lawn tractor is a unique machine meant for helping the residents while removing snow and grass at the same time. However, there is a difference between a lawn tractor and a mower.

The two products are not of the same aspects. In a way, these two products provide you with different benefits that can help you in stressful situations.

1. Lawnmower

You will get to use typically many types of lawn mowers that can help you with removing extra grass from your garden.

You can either find robotic mowers, or pushers to help you with cleaning your yard on every single day.

However, the engines of lawnmower are specifically designed to get rid of excess grass from your lawn.

It doesn’t help with removing snow because of its structural limitations. The engine emits excess heat that might create issues if it is mixed with the icy snow air in the winter season. The engine of your lawn mower might get damaged.

These lawnmowers are heavy-duty models that usually start at around $2,000.

For using the lawnmowers, you just need an extra equipment such as front loaders, seeders, and tillers.

2. Lawn tractors

The best lawn tractors for snow removal are different when it comes to provide benefits regarding snow and grass at the same time.

The only difference between a lawn tractor and a mower is that the tractor can help you with removing the snow. Even the design of both aspects is different.

You do not have to push the best lawn mower snow blower combo on the surface of the snow each and every time, unlike the mower.

The tractor also helps you in saving your time and money with its unique design and functionality as you can get high-quality results at a faster pace.

A lawn tractor is available with comfortable features that can provide you at a cutting speed at just around $1000 to $2000.

The tractor can help you with cleaning the snow at a faster rate. The most beneficial aspect of lawn tractor is that you can use it both on the grass and the snow at the same time.

You would just need to add an extra accessory that can aid in changing the tractor into a winter tool.

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose A Lawn Tractor For Plowing Snow
Whether it is to plow snow or remove extra grass, a lawn tractor can pose as the best solution for many householders.

Most of these tractors are famous for providing an easy solution for the residents.

If you are still wondering about its benefits and advantages, then the following points can help you.

1. Improve The Quality Of Your Garden

Once you purchase a lawn tractor for the first time, you will know how beneficial it is to remove the snow and grass at the same time.

When you use it on the grass, it can offer you an improved quality of the garden.

At the same time, you just have to sit back and drive the lawn tractor on the yard to remove around 4 to 5 inches of snow every day.

2. High-Quality Equipment

The modern lawn tractor industry has tried hard to provide you with innovative products in accordance with the changes happening in the market.

At the present date, you will even find high-tech lawn tractors that can help you in keeping your garden alive during all types of seasons.

It is especially beneficial if you have all the access attachments to deal with extra snow that falls every day in the yard.

3. Save Your Time

The primary benefit of using a lawn tractor for plowing snow is that this particular product can save a lot of time.

With highly advanced equipment and attachments available, you can clean your garden within a matter of a few minutes.

All you need is a high-end tractor and the right tools to help you with the snow shoveling activity.

4. Effective Design

Even though the primary usage of this product is to remove grass and snow, many people would still want to follow the fashion trend, which means that if the tractor is not attractive enough, individuals are likely to ignore such a product.

Thankfully, the industries have presented you with the different styles and designs of tractors that can attract the attention of any garden lover.

5. Speed Limit

Speed is another factor that you should consider before purchasing a lawn tractor for your house.

The average requirement of the speed should be around 20-24 miles per hour.

Such a useful tractor can help you in removing the access snow from the yard at a faster pace. It reduces travel time and gives you results quickly.

6. Efficiency Of Fuel

The average efficiency of fuel of a lawn tractor is better than any other snow plowing product in the market. Such a practical tool helps you in saving money for nearly 3-5 years.

7. Multiple Results With One Product

Lawn tractor can not only help you with snow but also aids you with the removal of grass. You would just need extra equipment and attachments at hand.


1. Is It Possible To Plow Snow Using A Lawn Tractor?

The lawn tractors can only be used for cutting grass from your garden. However, if you have a high-end lawn tractor, it will be easier for you to plow the snow.

You would just need additional attachments and accessories like a snow-blower, which can help you in plowing the snow.

2. What Is The Limit Of The Lawn Tractor For Plowing Snow?

Even though it helps in pushing the snow off your garden, you will notice a limit to how much it can clean.

At a time, this particular product can only remove about 4 to 5 inches of snow at a single time.

If you strive to remove snow more than this in a single blow, it will be difficult for you to move the tractor.

However, things can change if you get extra attachments that will help you in enhancing the capabilities of your tractor to plow more amount of snow.

3. How Long Can You Use A Lawn Tractor For Plowing Snow?

According to the companies, you should replace your tractor in every 3 to 4 years.

You might start by replacing several parts of it. If not, your tractor may end up losing its operational ability and its luster.

4. Can You Still Use The Snowblower Even On A Gravel Driveway?

It is possible to use the best lawn mower snow blower combo even on a gravel driveway.

However, your gravel can be blown away while you are using the tractor on the snow, because of which you must ensure that you do not end up displacing the gravel on the ground while plowing the snow.

The Best Lawn Tractor For Snow Removal Is An Essential Device

We have left no stones unturned to provide you with information that will not let you down.

Whether you are a working-class hero or enjoying your holidays during wintertime, the best lawn tractor for snow removal will work like a charm and help you with your daily needs.

As already discussed in this buying guide, it is not a cakewalk to find the best models. So, the top four models mentioned above will give you a smile on your face.

Hence, one must make an informed choice and consider factors and top reasons associated with the lawn tractor so that your mind does not remain confused anymore.

Do not hesitate to recommend this buying guide to your friends and family as one simple-looking choice will make a big difference in an individual’s life.