Best Countertop Compost Bins

Best Countertop Compost Bins 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

It is necessary to keep our home neat and clean, and kitchen is the vital part of our house where we need to maintain our personal hygiene.

Here, we cook, eat and store ingredients for cooking, and any bacterial infection spread in our kitchen can get the access of our stomach. 80% of the solid household waste are deposited and recycled in landfills. This waste pollutes our land, water, and air and is also breeding ground for pests and bacteria.

As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to maintain the environment and we should recycle such household waste in a proper manner. In this case, countertop binds can help us a lot. These bins can compost almost all the kitchen waste into organic fertilizer. But, hundreds of varieties of the countertop compost bin are available in the market and choosing the right one is really difficult.

If you are looking to buy  best countertop compost bin, you will have landed on the right page.

Here we have shortlisted and reviewed the top 10 Countertop Compost Bins available online and are far better than their counterparts.

Other than the high ten compost bins, we have also listed essential factors and FAQS that will help you make the right selection.

So, let’s start reviewing Best Countertop Compost Bin  to make your shopping experience amazing,

Top 10 Best Countertop Compost Bins 2020

1. Cooler Kitchen Oversized Kitchen

If you are living in an apartment, and having limited space, then this compost bin by the cooler kitchen is the perfect option for you.

The container is manufactured using metal carbon steel. It is stain proof and will retain the odors.

It comes in a modern, stylish look and sturdy construction. You can easily operate this bin while you preparing the meal and there is no lock available on the lid.

It can block the bad odor produced from the waste. The lid of this bin is easy to open and close; it is tight enough to keep the flies and pests away.

It is easy to use the lid of the container multiple times during cooking. To start using the bin, all you have to do is insert the filter into the lid, and you are all ready to use it.

It has sufficient space to hold several days waste as well as compact size to fit in anywhere..


  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • It is affordable.
  • It comes in a sleek design
  • It comes with two charcoal filters.


  • Metal can get stained.

2. The Relaxed Gardener Kitchen

This is one of those bins that can be opened and closed using one hand.

Thus, it makes it super easy and quick to add or remove waste. The plastic liner bucket prevents the powder-coated steel outer bin from rusting or leaking.

It comes with two carbon filters, and each filter can last up to 6 months, and it can prevent odor.

The cream color of the container blends with almost all the kitchen’s interior, and the compact size doesn’t take too much of the space.


  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Spacious and yet compact.
  • Value for money.
  • Rust and leak proof.


  • The lid is not tight enough to keep the gnats out.

3. SCD Probiotics K100

If you want a healthier planet, then the compost bin is one of the first steps you can take. Unlike other bins, this one is more than a container that collects food scraps.

It is one of the best countertop composter bins that can be used to compost your kitchen waste directly.

It comes with a microbial powder that can be used to ferment your waste after every meal.

This 5-gallon compost bin is easy to use and requires no assembling. This bin can be used to recycle anything, including dairy products, small bones, vegetables, and their peels or seeds and even oily food.

You can ferment your food scraps inside the container and save your trips to empty the bin.

This saves your time and energy both. It makes a nutritious fertilizer for your plants, and it is one of the best countertop compost bins available online.


  • Comes with microbial powder.
  • Made with BPA Free Plastic.
  • Replacement parts are provided


  • It may leak.

4. 4W Kitchen Counter

This bin has 1.3 gallons capacity and you can easily use it for your small family. It has a compact shape and can easily fit on the kitchen counter or under the sink.

It is made using high-grade metal and cannot rust or leak. This bin will not release harmful chemicals; thus, your compost will be a hundred percent organic.

The charcoal filter of the bin will easily absorb the odor, and a stainless steel lid won’t let the smell come out. It is one of the easiest to use bins as per the reviews.


  • They are made using the highest quality material.
  • Can hold a few days waster of two people.
  • It comes with a charcoal filter to trap odor.
  • Easy to clean due to smooth surface.
  • Stylish Looks and simple design.


  • Lid’s quality requires improvement.

5. Bamboozle Composter

If you are short of space, you can use this particular bin manufactured by bamboozle. It can be used anywhere in your house.

It is a beautifully designed compost bin that will look stylish and will go with your interiors. It is not just a beautiful looking composter; it is also an eco-friendly bin.

It is made using bamboo and is biodegradable. Hence when you are done with this bin and want to get rid of it, you will not have to worry about throwing it away and adding more waste.


  • It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • It is Long Lasting and biodegradable.
  • It is made of bamboo and is eco-friendly.
  • Very beautiful and easily blends with all interiors.


  • The lid is difficult to wash.

6. Auldhome Design White

Are you looking for a stylish and elegant compost bin for your countertop?

If yes, this, then this countertop bin is what you need for your kitchen. You can recycle your household waste inside this countertop bin and use them as fertilizer.

It is functional and decorative, and thus it is the best countertop compost bin for your kitchen.

It is 11 inches tall and has a 7-inch diameter; therefore, it fits the countertop well.


  • The white enamelware gives you a beautiful rustic look.
  • Comes with three charcoal filter inserts.
  • Large.3 gallon capacity.
  • Tighter seal and leak-proof tested.
  • Easy to rinse with the water hose.
  • Requires to be emptied after 2-3 weeks.
  • It is made using steel and enamelware quoting.


  • The metal is a bit thin.

7. Simple Mind Simple Life

This stainless steel countertop bin can last long and it is completely stain-resistant. It has no joints and you do not need to assemble it.

It can collect food scrap for several days. Once the bin is filled, you can dump the trash to your compost container outside By this way, bin will create nutrient-rich organic compost from your food waste for your garden plants.

This matt finish bin is stylish and fits well with all types of kitchen interiors.

Its size is compact enough to fit in your countertop, yet it is spacious enough to hold the right amount of waste.

The activated carbon filter of the lid keeps the smell fresh, and your kitchen always smells good.

Thus if you invest in this bin, your kitchen will look beautiful and smell fresh.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Robust, sturdy, and sleek design.
  • No smells.
  • Leak-Proof


  • Some customers didn’t receive the lid.

8. KaryHome Hanging Compost

This light blue colored bin by Karry Home is Sturdy, stylish, and sleek. It will complement any kitchen décor.

It is made to fit in the small kitchen conveniently without taking much of the space.

This bin is made to prevent fruit flies, and it doesn’t require any charcoal filters, which saves you a lot of money.

It will not let the odors travel in the room from the bin, which will keep your kitchen fresh and hygienic.

You can mount this bin on the wall, and it is easy to install and comes with all the needed accessories.

You can also keep it under the kitchen sink. It is suitable for the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom.


  • It is space friendly and ecofriendly can.
  • They are made using non-toxic plastic.
  • It is durable and long lasting.
  • It can be cleaned easily with soap and water.


  • It could be smaller for bigger families.

9. Modern Barnhaus Stainless Steel

The turquoise blue sleek compost bin of metal is stylish that will complement your kitchen.

Its retro look is pleasing; compact size will fit any countertop. It is ideal for small apartments, offices, and short kitchen tops.

Its activated charcoal filter will keep the smells from the kitchen away. It can compost almost all the items like coffee grounds, tea bags, tea leaves, fruits, vegetable, their peels, seeds, cores, paper filters, and crushed eggshells.

The stainless steel used to make this bin is high grade, and it won’t crack, leak, or scratch.

This bin contains no chemicals that can affect the quality of your compost. You can remove the lid using one hand. You can easily carry this lightweight bin.

It comes with 6 charcoal filters, and two be changed in two months. It also contains 50 compost bags, and you can use these bags to dispose your household waste.

A detailed guide will answer all your questions about the bin. This bin has received a maximum 5-star review and is supposed to be one of the best countertop composts bin.


  • Great color and look.
  • Compact size and shape.
  • Sufficient space to hold large quantity of waste.


  • The lid can be of better quality.

10. Polder Kitchen Composter

It is challenging to empty the tightly packed compost bin, and this is what as thought by the designer when creating this bin.

Therefore, they went a step beyond and turned the bin inside out. This bin is made using silicon, and it comes with a small handle inside.

This handle lets you push out all the waste out with no stress. You can quickly rinse the inside and again put it back in the same position.

It is a machine washable bin, while many of its counterparts are not. This is one of the most uncomplicated compost bins to be used that you can place in your home. Hence you can say it is one of the best countertop compost bins.


  • It has a substantial 1-gallon capacity.
  • It is easy to use and clean.
  • It has a lightweight and portable design.


  • It might not be very appealing for a few.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Countertop Compost Bin

If you want to order the best countertop compost bin, you must look at these factors that will make your selection easy, and you will be saved from ordering the wrong item.

So, here are essential features to look for when buying the best Countertop Compost Bin.

1. Appearance

These bins are meant to be placed in the kitchen; hence they must look beautiful. Most of the containers now come in a stylish and sleek design, and they fit in your small kitchen. You should select the color and design that goes well with interiors.

2. Size

Since it is made to fit in the kitchen, it should have a compact size and shape. You must measure your space correctly before purchasing your composter.

The size will also depend upon the generation of the waste. If you generate a large amount of waste, it must be a large bin, and you can choose medium or small-sized bin for your small apartment.

The height of the bin should also be determined as per space available in your kitchen.

3. Material

Bins are made using many types of materials. Some are made of plastic, which not a very good choice if you are looking for something that can make the environment cleaner.

Another option is stainless steel, which is one of the most durable materials.

Hybrid cast iron and ceramic material are a few more options. If you want a 100% natural eco-friendly bin, you can also buy a container made of bamboo.

4. Odor Protection

Food waste can create a horrible odor, and keeping such a bin in the kitchen can be impossible.

All the containers selected in our list come with a charcoal filter and sturdy lids that captures and holds the unwanted odors. You can also buy extra filters online to keep your kitchen fresh.

5. Dishwasher Safe

Cleaning these bins could be a heavy-duty task and may also be an unpleasing job; hence it is much beneficial if these bins are dishwasher safe. You can easily clean such bins every week to keep your kitchen hygienic.

6. Compost Type

The type of compost you want to generate is another thing to think about. Mainly there are three types of composters.

7. Continuous Composter

These kinds of composters can handle many types of waste and not just kitchen waste.

You can add the waste in these composters all the time. In these composters, the composting process is slower.

People who want to toss their waste in a bin and forget about it are the best users of this bin.

8. Batch Composters

These are excellent accelerating composters. In these composters, you can create compost quickly.

But when your one batch is in the process, it will need another bin to store the next batch of waste.

9. Indoor Composters

If you have a small space, you can make your compost indoors on a small scale.

You can use composters and worm bins, and turn your food waste into nutritious compost.

10. Weight

Organic waste is bulky when wet, and if you are buying a tumbler, you can need a lighter weight that can be easily rotated.

If it is a container you are looking to buy, it should be easy to lift. In any case, a heavy bin won’t be the best option because you won’t lift it easily and you cannot use it while you are cooking.

11. Assembly

Some bins require assembling while some don’t. It would help if you looked for a sturdy bin with tight joints and not the loose ones.

The containers that need assembling may have loose joints, and they may easily fall apart. The lesser is the assembling. The convenience is using your bins.

12. Lids

Lids are one of the essential parts of the bins. The covers must be easy to open, tight enough to trap the odor and keep the pests and insects away.

If the lid is flimsy and loses, it can be opened from the slightest of winds and will invite the pests.

13. Aeration And Drainage Holes

Bins must have some points that allow the moisture and airflow because they are an essential part of composting.

Without proper drainage systems, the composition process will slow down because it will make your compost wet.


1. Why Is Composting Essential?

More than 1/3rd of the waste is produced from food globally, and it is dumped in our landfills, creating land, water and air pollution.

If everyone starts composting their waste, it will slowly reduce our carbon footprints.

2. Why Should Yuse A Compost Bin To Compost Waste?

If you want to create a high quality compost or fertilizer for your plants, you require a proper environment, moisture, oxygen, and temperature.

The best countertop compost bin provides all these things. You can use your household waste to make some fertilizer for your yard.

3. What Is The Best Place To Put The Compost Bin In The Kitchen?

No matter what size your kitchen is, you can put your compost bin under the sink or countertop. Else, you can place it under your cabinet.

4. What Are Things We Should Not Compost?

Here are a few things one must not compost:

Treated sawdust can have chemicals that may compromise the quality of your compost.
Highly acidic or citrus fruits can harm your compost by killing good bacteria.
Pet or animal waste can create health risks and shouldn’t be used in the compost.

Best Countertop Compost Bin Can Make Your Environment Green And Clean

These were our ten best countertop compost bins that have been listed here after reading 100s of reviews if you want to contribute to a fresh and healthy environment then without thinking much order any of these compost bins and get ready to enjoy the best compost for your garden plants.