Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A beautiful, lush green lawn is a symbol of sophistication and aesthetics. You may have noticed the green turf in the city parks or recreational grounds. Lawns are not only used for sports, but it also accentuates the beauty of a house, apartment, or office.

Nearly 80% of the houses in United States prefer a lawn in their background. It is an ideal amalgamation of concrete houses jelling with the beauties of nature. However, having your own pitch is not enough; it needs a lot of attention and maintenance.

A disheveled and unkempt lawn is an eyesore, which needs an immediate preservation. To keep your lawn in good shape and trim its tall, thick, and coarse grass, you will need an excellent and high quality of best self propelled lawn mowers variant.

It takes arduous labor and commitment to keep the garden landscape prim and proper. An efficient land owner will take care of the overgrown grass and keep a check on the height of the grass. This article will throw light on the features as well as the pros and cons of the best lawn mowers in the market to fulfill your need. You need to check out the reviews for the best self propelled lawn mower for a wonderful turf.

We have enlisted the best self-propelled lawn mowers for your convenience. The following section will enlighten you with all the essential information you need to know about each lawn mower. Choose the right mower to cater to your needs.

Top 10 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers 2020 

1. Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower

This brushless, and cordless motor by Greenworks, has the power and performance of an amazing 160cc gas engine. It can smoothly function for an hour to give the desired results. It is an extremely efficient and durable land mower that comprises a durable steel deck, large 10-inch rear wheels, and Smart Cut load sensing technology. This is also preferred by professional landscaper or lawn care professional for its high power.

This excellent mower can clearly cut and trim the dense grass easily, because it operates on a fully charged 4.0 AH Battery. This easy to use lawn mower is light, so you can conveniently move it back and forth. You can also adjust the height with the use of a lever. Another important feature of this mower that makes it different from other products is its 3 in 1 operation mechanism. Thus, it facilitates mulching, bagging, and side discharging.

The speed of the blade can be accelerated or decelerated depending on the cut required. The machine is noise-free and starts at a push of the button. The Greenworks Pro 80V System has received great reviews from the customers. The buyers have appreciated its maneuverability, easy usage, and portability.


  • Light, durable, and push button start
  • Height can be adjusted with a single lever
  • 3-in-1 operation and brushless motors
  • Operates on 4.0AH Battery
  • Battery and charger are included
  • 21 inches cordless lawn mowers
  • Smart cut load sensing technology facilitates cutting
  • Can easily do heavy- duty jobs
  • Noise-free and battery runs for an hour


  • Customer care service could have been more better
  • Sometimes the battery dies out before time
  • Buy it here: Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower

2. Electric American Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower Company is a well-acclaimed company that was established in 1895. The land mower manufactured by them can trim the unruly grass on the turf by using the powerful 11-Amp motor. This lightweight, easy to handle machine can tidy the lawn and cut all kinds of grasses. It is a compact and sleek and planet friendly electric lawn mower. The uniqueness of this mower is that it is gas powered and has a 16 gallon grass bag to collect the grass.

This environment-friendly machine is hassle free and does not require oil to run and operate. It is noise-free and does not pollute the environment emitting toxic gases. You can easily adjust the height, and it can prove effective in the test of time. It is cost-effective and ideal for those tight on budget. This mower needs less maintenance, what it needs is an electric outlet to plug in the cord.

It is considered as the best self propelled lawn mower by the customers. They have appreciated its compact design, light, great grip, adjustable cutting height option, and easy storage. If you like the product, then you can also opt one for your lawn.


  • Compact design, folding handles, and enough storage space
  • Several handling height with foldable handles
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly and does not emit any harmful gas
  • 2-in-1 rear discharge and mulching system
  • Can cut all grasses for its powerful 11-Amp motor
  • Does not runs on oil
  • Creates no noise
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty
  • Highly affordable


  • Quality of the blades could have been more better
  • Some customers felt it is less durable
  • Buy it here: Electric Lawn Mower by American Lawn Mower Company

3. Craftsman Gas Powered Lawn Mower

If you want a beautiful patio or lawn, use this gas powered mower. It features both side and rear discharge along with great mulching facilities. A single lever propels the front wheel drive that can increase the speed of cutting the grass. You can easily adjust the height of the trimming of the grass by using the dual lever. It comes with an engine of 159cc, which has an electric start with auto-choke. There is no worry in maneuvering the machine as it is smooth and effortless.

The powerful gas engine helps in efficiently mowing the unkempt grass. The best part is that it comes with a 21- inch cutting deck that is razor sharp and can trim the grass in one go. However, it is important to wash the underside of the deck to prevent rust. The biggest boon of this lawn mower is that it saves time and energy.

This product has got good reviews from customers because of its lightweight, durability, and efficiency in trimming the grass. They have also appreciated the electric start and front wheel drive.


  • Lightweight, durable, and versatile
  • Designed with 21 inch cutting deck to cut grass
  • Has a powerful engine of 159cc
  • Comes with 3 in 1, side discharge, rear discharge, and mulching capabilities
  • You can control the mower with the front drive wheel and self drive
  • Comes with an electric start battery and a charger
  • 6 different height adjustments with dual lever
  • Deck wash is included
  • Saves time and energy
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty


  • Quality of the battery starter could be better
  • Some consumers found it little difficult to maneuver
  • Buy it here: Craftsman Gas Powered Lawn Mower

4. Greenworks Twin Force Lawn Mower

This cordless and twin force lawn mower is the best self propelled lawn mower. The unique feature of this machine runs on smart cut technology, which gives its user the power to regulate the runtime and cut different grasses be it can be thick, dense, or long. It features dual blades and dual battery port, which is vital because the blades can help in cutting, mulching, or bagging the trimmed grass with an ease. The dual battery port helps in turning to the backup battery, just in case the run time gets exhausted. It has a 4Ah and 2Ah batteries, which offers 70 minutes runtime to finish scathing the dense grass.

Another important feature of this machine is it does not depend on gas or oil and it is easy to maintain. This product by Greenworks allows its buyers to adjust the height of the mower in five distinct positions for better results. If you are not comfortable with the height, you can use the lever to check the other positions conducive for you. The front wheel of the mower makes it easy to maneuver the pitch with no hassle.

It is also easy to start the machine for which you just need to push the button to get it started. The dual blades make the functioning of the mower effortless and noise-free. This product has also received great reviews from customers. They have highlighted its perks, i.e. it is lightweight, noise-free, has great battery as well as cutting quality to trim the grass.


  • Comes with 40V dual blade and dual battery port mower and best for yards
  • Includes 4Ah and 2Ah batteries, and battery charger
  • 20 inches cutting desk helps in maneuvering
  • Smart cut technology can regulate power to cut grass
  • Height can be adjusted in 5 positions
  • Lightweight and makes least noise
  • Dual battery port helps to switch batteries
  • Easy to push the button and start
  • Low on maintenance


  • The battery does not start charging immediately
  • Customer care service could have been better
  • Buy it here: Greenworks Twin Force Lawn Mower

5. Greenworks G-Max 40V 16” Cordless Pull Mower

If you want to see your lawn well –maintained and want to opt for this pull mower. It comes with mulching and bagging facilities for several usages. They make it with durable plastic that makes it light to handle and mow the turf at your convenience. It is the best rated self propelled lawn mower that uniformly cuts the uneven edges of the grass. These mowers are ideal to level the grass in the yard.

The smart cut technology facilitates in smooth operation with an excellent pitch. It has a 16-inch cutting deck that cleans your lawn with no hassle. This kind of mower does not include a cord as it has a push system. It has flexible handles that make maneuvering easy for you. There is also enough storage space and you can empty it, if you find it difficult to push the mower.

This reliable machine is easy to maintain and does not emit noise or any harmful gases. It runs on 40 Volts for 45 minutes without interruptions. Consumers have credited its lightweight, easy usage, and noise-free aspects.


  • Being a pull mower device, it does not need a cord or gas or oil
  • Offers mulching and bagging
  • Height of the mower can be adjusted in 5 positions
  • Comes with 4Ah Battery and charger
  • Light, noise-free, and easy to use
  • Durable and made of premium quality
  • Push button start, makes the operation easier
  • Excellent smart-cut technology to boost cutting grass
  • Portable and Low in maintenance


  • It may need constant charging as it loses charge easily
  • Buy it here: Greenworks G-MAX 40V 16” Cordless Pull Mower

6. Ego Cordless Walk Lawn Mower

This premium quality self propelled lawn mower by EGO Power+ is a brushless motor, which is perfect for grass cutting. It is considered to be one of the best rated self propelled lawn mowers.  It functions smoothly at the press of the start button. It performs three basic functions like mulching, bagging, and side discharge. What makes this machine a standout is two EGO ARC lithium batteries and peakpower technology. This just allows you more time to finish your lawn job. Unlike other mowers, this mower can run for 80 minutes on a single charge.

This lightweight and compact mower produces no toxic gas, noise, or any other hassles. This top-notch product is ideal for your beloved lawn and it is convenient for moving and storing. The 5.0 Ah batteries get charged at a lightning speed within 40 minutes, unlike other lawn mowers. It not only offers big power, but also saves time. Another vital feature of this product is an adjustable height, i.e., you can adjust the height of the mower as per need. However, you can easily lower or raise the height in six positions.

If you are looking for a self-propelled lawn mower with latest technology to get rid of the unwanted tall grass, then this mower model can satisfy your needs. Customers feel that this mower is a value for money with excellent maneuverability and stretch.


  • Has a brushless motor and premium quality body
  • 2 EGO ARC Lithium batteries add more power
  • Performs three functions i.e mulching, bagging, side discharge
  • Push button operation and compact in size
  • 2 LED light that helps to use the machine in the dusk or dawn
  • Height can be adjusted in 6 positions
  • Battery charges quickly and the battery is compatible for any tools
  • Water resistant
  • Light in weight and can be used for nearly 80 minutes
  • Comes with 5 year tool warranty and 3 year battery warranty


  • Customer care service can be better
  • Little expensive
  • Buy it here: EGO Power+ Cordless Electric Dual-Port Walk behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower

7. Snapper Electric Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

This model is perfect for those looking for a combination of power and performance in their mower. This best self propelled lawn mower functions efficiently in cleaning the turf. This is a reliable, versatile, and compact mower for easy storage. It has a brushless battery motor that operates at one touch of the button. The height of the mower is adjustable for cutting grass. There are 7 different positions in which the height can be adjusted. It can also do mulching, bagging, and side discharge as required in landscaping. The maximum power of the battery is 82 voltages for a prolonged run-time to mow the yard for a beautiful grass.

If you are wondering how much time it needs to mow the entire yard or garden, it can finish mowing the entire lawn within 90 minutes. The major advantage of self-propelled mower is that you can control its speed. You can easily accelerate or lower its speed using the speed control lever. This 1200 watt motor is bankable and proves to be a great company for a long run.

This efficient device is an asset to lawn owners as well as a value for money. It has received great reviews for its easy usage, great battery life, and for the fact that it does not emit, noise, or fumes. This machine does not run on gas or oil, so it is an ideal choice to maintain your lawn.


  • Lightweight, smart and easy to use
  • Has a wide 21 inch steel mowing deck
  • Speed can be regulated in a self-propelled mower
  • Height can be adjusted in 7 positions
  • Comes with 2Ah Lithium ion batteries and rapid charger
  • Has an easy operation through the push button
  • Has a sensing technology power to adjust the cutting blades
  • Does not emit fumes or noise of any kind
  • Durable and low in maintenance


  • Battery of the mower is a bit heavy
  • Some complained about missing parts of the mower
  • Buy it here: Electric Self-Propelled Lawn Mower by Snapper

8. Greenworks 20-Inch Electric Corded Lawn Mower

If you are an owner of a mid size yard or lawn that needs care and maintenance, then you should opt for this model of lawn mower. Its 20-inch wide steel deck is ideal to clean the overgrown grass in the lawn with ease. This electric corded mower has an excellent 12 Amp motor that can run for unlimited time. The best part of this lawn mower is that it does not run on batteries, so you need not worry about charging the batteries. It simply operates, thereby making least noise by plugging in on a power outlet. It has excellent ability to mulch, bag, and side discharge. It transforms the tedious grass cutting job into a pleasurable experience.

Another important feature of this model is cam-lock handle that facilitates both folding and storage. It has a special feature of integrated cord lock that prevents any major accidents or mishaps. This manually driven mower can be adjusted in 7 ways for your convenience. It has a 10 inch rear wheels that helps in moving easily from one place to another. This hassle-free mower can start functioning by pressing the button.

This best self propelled lawn mower is perfect to take care of your beautiful turf. The easy maneuverability and safety features are some of the reasons behind its popularity amongst consumers. It has received good feedback from customers and they have recommended it to future buyers.


  • Lightweight, durable and efficient
  • Has a 12 Amp motor and 20-inch wide, durable steel deck
  • Height of cutting can be adjusted in 7 positions
  • Hand driven, no need for charging batteries
  • Simply plug in and press the button to start
  • 10 inch rear wheels helps easy navigation
  • Cam lock handle, which is foldable and ensures storage unit
  • Cord lock prevents accidents
  • Ideal for small yards with unlimited run-time
  • Reliable and makes no noise
  • Comes with 4 years warranty


  • Extension cord is not included
  • Quality of the mower could be better
  • Buy it here: Greenworks 20-Inch Electric Corded Lawn Mower

9. Works WG779 Power Share Lawn Mower

This unique product by WORX is an ideal mower for a small yard with the best run time. If the grass is thick and stubborn to get uprooted, it requires more torque to deliver greater performance.

It has two 20V shares of batteries for optimum power to eradicate the unequal crude grass. It runs on intellicut technology that ensures more power to the machine and saves its battery power. This is the best self propelled lawn mower for the money that is both cost-effective and environment friendly.

This machine has been specially designed for easy movement and storage. It can smoothly clean the yard by mulching, bagging, and rear discharge. You can also adjust the height as per your requirement. There is a battery indicator, which is essential to know the level of the remaining power of the batteries. The handle of this machine is firm for its foam padding that ensures easy maneuvering. It also comes with dual port charger to charge both the batteries together, thereby offering a 40V power.

Consumers have appreciated this mower because it is light to maneuver, cost effective, easy to store, and twice the run-time. Unlike gas operated mowers, battery operated mowers saves battery and becomes more user-friendly.


  • Compact, Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Great grip and padded handle for a comfortable drive
  • Dual batteries of 20V each, offers more power and performance
  • Intellicut Technology saves battery and adds more power
  • Easy to maneuver and store
  • Comes with dual port charger and a charger
  • Height can be adjusted in three positions
  • Charge indicator shows the charge left
  • Affordable, with more run time


  • Only apt for small yards
  • Battery life is a bit limited
  • Buy it here: WORX WG779 40V Power Share Lawn Mower

10. Remington 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

This is a durable gas-powered lawn mower by Remington for a flawless patio or lawn. It has the most trustworthy 159cc OHV autochoke engine and 21-inch cutting deck. The steel cutting deck is one of its kind and rust resistant. It is capable of smoothly cutting the crude overgrown grass that is shrouding your yard. It comes with dual lever and you can adjust its height in 6 varied positions to facilitate the cutting process. This efficient machine features variable speed rear wheel drive that can be operated and controlled by you. The front and rear wheels of the lawn mower is of 8 inches width.

This amazing mower has 3 in 1 discharge abilities, which reduces the chances of deposition of clumps in the bag. It also possesses an exclusive SureCut blade that cuts grass and mulches it without leaving any lumps in the bag. Mowing is a tedious job that can lead to hand and back pain. However, the comfortable grip and flexible handle of the mover gives you the opportunity to prevent such issues.

This is considered as one of the best self propelled lawn mower by many consumers. They have applauded its easy usage, adjustable handle, and the lever that can control the speed and operation of the mower. If you are planning to buy a self- propelled lawn mower, try to consider this the mower by Remington.


  • Durable and 3-in-1 gas lawn mower
  • Reliable engine and 21 inches wide cutting deck
  • Durable front and rear wheel
  • Firm grip and flexible handle
  • Innovative SureCut blade that prevents clumps in the bag
  • Dual-lever that offer 6 height adjustment facility
  • Variable speed rear will drive can be controlled
  • Comes with a two–year warranty


  • Handle bar could be better
  • Bit fast and heavy
  • Buy it here: Remington 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower


1. What Is The Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower?    

The best self propelled lawn mower is EGO Power+ Cordless Electric Dual-Port Walk behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower. It is popular amongst customers for its efficiency, brushless motor, maximum 82V battery, and peak power technology. This innovative technology allows the mower to run for 80 minutes without any interruption. It saves your time and offers best performance.

2. Which Is The Best Price Self Propelled Lawn Mower?

The best priced self propelled lawn mower is WORX WG779 40V Power Share Lawn Mower, or Electric Lawn Mower by American Lawn Mower Company. Both of them are efficient lawn mowers that are available to consumers at a reasonable rate. If you are looking for efficiency and performance at an affordable price, you can opt for either one of these two brands.

3. Which Is A Better Option Self Propelled Lawn Mower Or Push Mower?

Any day, self-propelled lawn mower is much more adept and profitable than push mower. If you have a big lawn or patio, it is better to opt for self-propelled lawn mower as it makes your job easy and less tiresome. However, push mowers requires more time and effort. Although push mower is less expensive, it is not slow and not ideal for tall or crude grass.

4. Is It Worth Repairing A Self-Propelled Lawn Mower?

If your land mower is 7 to 8 years old, it is better to replace it with a new one. As it has lived its full product cycle and it is not wise to spend extra money on its repair work. However, if your lawn mower is a few months old, it’s better to think about repairing it. An expensive repair on an old model is not right; similarly replacing a pretty new mower is also not a profitable choice.