How To Make A Lawnmower Fast

A Simple Guide To Making A Lawn Mower Work Faster

Are you bored with the slow speed of your lawn mower? If yes, it’s time to turn your basic lawn mower into a superfast lawn mower. This can be very helpful for your lawn care chores. This article will give you the answer to the question – how to make your lawn mower fast?

Keep in mind that once you make your lawn mower faster, you will have to be extra careful while operating it. Manufacturers don’t build lawn mowers to work too fast. Their engines have built-in safety features that keep the speed in check. So, if you make these changes to your mower, its engine might wear out quickly.

Not all mowers are suitable for this type of technical modification. Making these changes on an incompatible lawn mower may cause it to break. In some cases, it can also lead to serious bodily injury.

Steps To Make Your Traditional Lawn Mower Faster

  • Having stated all the warnings, let us now know how to make a lawn mower fast.
  • To make your lawn mower faster, you will need to let maximum airflow into the engine. To do this, remove all the bolts that are holding your mower’s hood in place, and then remove the hood altogether.
  • All mowers have a muffler. If the muffler has holes or cracks on it, it leads to a reduction in your lawn mower’s speed.
  • Make sure your mower’s muffler is fit.
  • There is a governor attached to the lawn mower’s engine. To avoid a reduction in the engine’s speed, you will have to remove the governor.
  • Doing this will prevent interference in the engine’s speed, and hence, making the mower run faster.
  • Now, to remove the governor, you will first need to remove the flywheel housing. From any local hardware store, purchase a proper-sized wrench. Use it safely to unscrew the flywheel housing. Once you do that, you will locate the governor on the side.
  • Remove the governor, replace the flywheel housing, and firmly bolt it back.
  • Having learned how to make a lawn mower fast, you must follow these steps with proper safety. Use the lawn mower’s manual to learn about its various parts and how to operate them.

More Tips On Making Your Lawn Mower Faster

Although the steps mentioned above are a sure-shot way to make your lawn mower run faster, these tips can increase its efficiency further.

  • Sharpen your blades. Since your mower will run at a higher speed now, if its blades are not sharp enough, the mower will not cut the grass properly. Sharper blades will also eliminate the need to double pass the area you’ve already mowed.
  • Fresh gasoline of 92 octanes or higher will help your engine run smoother and faster. Make sure the mower’s gas tank is clean and filled with fresh fuel.
  • The tires of the lawn mower play an essential role in its working.
  • Worn out tires can hinder the efficiency of the lawn mower. Make sure your mower’s tires are clean and well-inflated.
  • With great power comes great responsibility. Once you’ve made these modifications to the lawn mower, it will require more maintenance than it did before.
  • Wait for the grass to grow up to a length that is easy to mow. Also, make sure you don’t overcut your lawn.
  • Set a suitable mowing pattern. Try to mow in straight lines as it is more effective and makes the lawn look decent.

Steps To Make Your Riding Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Fast

Although hydrostatic lawn mowers have a lot more benefits than traditional ones, they aren’t immune to accidents. The safety measures taken for these mishaps make the lawn mower move slowly. So how to make your lawn mower fast?

Here are a few tips and tricks to squeeze more speed out of your hydrostatic lawn mower.

  • Make sure the tires are free from any kind of damage. They must have the correct air pressure and no signs of wearing out.
  • You need to use the correct fuel for your lawn mower to make it work efficiently. It is best to use the oil/gas recommended by the lawn mower’s manufacturer.
  • Check the oil levels. The lawn mower’s tank must not overflow with fuel, and it should also not be insufficient.
  • Your machine must be fit. Any holes or cracks on the hoses and other parts of the lawn mower can interfere with its working. Take it for maintenance every now and then.
  • The air filter of the lawn mower needs to be clean. The gas and other dirt particles clog it. A clogged air filter reduces the amount of air going into the engine, slowing it down. Clean it every now and then.

Steps To Follow

Carefully follow these steps to make your lawn mower faster.

  • Install larger wheels. Large wheels make the mower cover larger distances in less time. The only drawback is that you will have to adjust the height so that it doesn’t disturb the working of the blades.
  • Get better blades. You can either sharpen the blades you already have or get new and sharper ones.
  • Blades with sharp edges will cut the grass better and will eliminate your need to mow the same area again and again.
  • Just like a traditional land mower, this one also contains a governor that needs to be removed to increase the speed of the engine. You can use the manual to locate the governor.
  • This next step can increase your lawn mower’s speed spectacularly. Add a bigger pulley to your lawn mower.
  • Make sure to buy the perfect model for your lawn mower. The mechanism can be tricky. Use the manual to take the necessary precautions.
  • Purge your hydrostatic lawn mower. This is a necessary procedure.
  • Failing to purge a hydrostatic lawn mower before deployment can make it lose its power.

Enjoy The Speed

All these methods, tips, and tricks can make your lawn mowers run faster. As also mentioned earlier, you need to keep getting the lawn mower checked for maintenance on a regular basis.

The technical process can be dangerous. Make sure you take all the precautions and follow all the safety measures possible before operating your lawn mower.

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We hope the article on how to make your lawn mower fast was helpful. Enjoy your high-speed lawn mower!