Best Kitchen Compost Bins

Best Kitchen Compost Bins 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you know why compost bins are used in a kitchen? Well, this is done to reduce excess waste of solids and to make your own natural compost to grow plants or indulge in kitchen gardening at home. To make our environment healthy, we need to preserve resources by resorting to solid waste management and you can easily implement that with best kitchen compost bin. However, to go green, you need a right mindset to embrace new habits.

It requires superior planning and change in lifestyle. Well, composting is not only stunning for your garden but also for our mother nature. Are you an enthusiast for home composting? This is the high time you can fully commit yourself to recycle your remnant food scraps.

Therefore, the best kitchen compost bin would be the smartest storage solution for all kinds of vegetable and fruit leftovers. With no further delay, let’s delve into this article to see the various best indoor compost bin.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Compost Bins 2020

1. Cooler Kitchen Oversized Compost Bin

A compost bin is the simplest way to convert food leftovers and garbage into garden gold. If you have been looking for the best compost bin kitchen, then you should go with this product. Keep your trash into this compost bins and you can yourself produce top-notch soil for gardening.

This best kitchen compost bin comes up with odor-resistant and fruit fly free technology that has two thick activated-charcoal filters. Because of such integrated technology, you will feel no odor, and thus your kitchen will remain clean.

Such a classy and sturdy structure of this compost bin requires no assembly. They make this bin of unprecedented quality metal-carbon steel and therefore bin is safe from getting stained and rusted.


  • Premium quality and easy to open
  • Activated charcoal filters absorb odor
  • It is 75% larger than an average compost bin
  • Amazing dishwasher safe technology
  • Easy to clean and easy to use with no hassle
  • It is safe and keeps fruit flies away
  • Perfect for gardening


  • Few complained about its rusted lid
  • The bottom sometimes leak

2. Oxo Good Grips ECompost Bin

You can start using the best compost bin kitchen with this budget-friendly compost bin from OXO. This top-notch compost bin is easy to clean due to its crevice-free and mellifluous interior liner. Moreover, without ridges, seams; liquids and foods will not boost up inside of this bin. Therefore, it will produce no filthy smell in your kitchen.

Such best kitchen compost bin mitigates all odor and all thanks to its plastic body. If you are thinking of additional worthy features of this bin, it does not have vented holes in the lid. However, this bin is the most suitable for accumulating waste for a day or two.


  • Amazing sturdiness
  • The Lid of the bin keeps the odor down
  • The interior walls is easy to clean
  • Removable lid enables emptying the trash
  • Portable and dishwasher friendly
  • It can be stored in the refrigerator
  • Perfect for everyday countertop use


  • Vented holes might sometimes get difficult to clear of tiny debris

3. The Relaxed Gardener Kitchen Compost Bin

This best indoor composter may give you a farmhouse appearance, but it is that superior option for the average household. Well, in this milk-can stimulated bin, a plethora of waste will easily get fitted to. Such a plastic liner bucket makes it super easy to dispel the wastages, and there is also a filter present in the lid.

Well, this compost bin uses a sturdy steel material for the exterior. This is good as metal does not sustain odors like plastic material. They have smartly chosen to create the interior pail filled with the darkest color to restrain staining.


  • It can be lifted with one hand and easy to remove
  • Such a powder-coated steel exterior gives off a classy rustic appearance
  • Amazing leak-proof technology when acidic food leftovers are added to this bin
  • A perfect gift item for gardeners


  • The lid is not sufficiently tight

4. SCD Probiotics Bokashi Indoor Composter

Are you thinking of the most anaerobic process of composting? Bokashi is the actual method of proper composting that utilizes the anaerobic process. The best indoor composter provides a complete obstruction of waste from exposure to oxygen.

Therefore, this SCD probiotic’s best indoor compost bin is a quick way to augment this composting process. This bin comes up with a 5-gallon bucket to start the fermenting process of organic trash inside your kitchen. The seal is airtight that no smells can roam around the kitchen.

However, for such a conventional indoor composter, you can make small harvesting into your kitchen.


  • Recycles food waste to natural compost at home, without going out
  • This indoor composter is value for money and easy to use
  • The lid is flexible and of premium quality plastic
  • Prevents foul odor and disturbing pests


  • This compost bin is a bit hard to open and close

5. Yukchuk Kitchen Food Waste Compost Bin

Do you have a composting habit and not want to showcase this habit to the world? While envisioning this criterion, under-counter brings the best indoor composter to fulfill your needs. They mount this compost pail behind the cabinet door to maintain a fresh kitchen atmosphere.

This amazing kitchen compost bin is efficiently designed as a mystical non-smelling fruit fly free composition. You will get amazing access to load and unload.

Why do you need to preserve decomposing food on the countertop? The best kitchen compost bin comes up with NOT a me-too countertop bin with an afterthought hanger. They make this captivating product with HDPE and thus provide Bio-fuel feedstock or rich compost food.


  • It has no odor, fruit flies or charcoal filter costs
  • This bin helps to keep compostable garbage out of the site.
  • Amazing bin to save our valuable environment.


  • Plastic material is a little brittle.
  • The hinge of this bin is a bit thin.

6. Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Bin

This best kitchen compost bin is innovative and enriched with premium technology that comes with 3 colors. It is the smartest choice for kitchen food remnant storage. If you are looking for this sturdy kitchen compost bin, know everything about this bin.

They make it from partially recycled steel and robust BPA-free recycled plastic. Therefore, it is safe for your family and for the planet. You may either choose a 0.85-gallon or 1.5-gallon bin that perfectly fits the countertop area.

This best compost bin kitchen possesses a captivating lid that enhances airflow via the organic kitchen debris having to use charcoal filters. Therefore, it helps to reduce decomposition and liquid from pooling up on the bottom part.


  • An amazing product which is a great value for money
  • Superior design that improves airflow and curtails odors
  • Opens easily with a push button
  • Easy to clean and empty it out
  • Dishwasher safe bin
  • It fits well in office and home
  • It comes up with three bags for a fresh breeze and five bags for fresh air


  • It is a bit expensive
  • There is no handle on the lid

7. AuldHome White Enamelware Compost Bin

If you want to bring home a composter bin with a vintage rustic appearance? Try out this best indoor compost bin with a captivating white enamelware compost bucket. A white cool undertone color with painted ‘compost’ on its body makes it more lustrous.

This compost bin is an amalgamation of both functional and and decorative appearance. Therefore, it is superior for the home gardeners and eco-friendly kitchen. There is a charcoal filter that ensures those fruit flies cannot irritate and stay inside.

Bring your home an advanced farmhouse style compost bin with carrying handles. Apart from that, it also includes a fitted lid with holes, compost pail with a robust handle, and three charcoal filter incorporated.


  • Odor-free technology that perfectly controls the entire odor
  • An ideal compost bin and value for money
  • Robust handle


  • It does not have compost bag liners inside.

8. Elever Farmhouse Kitchen Compost Bin

Are you looking for a compact yet trendy comports bin at a meager budget? We have brought this eye-appealing best kitchen composite bin for those enthusiasts who have a passion for harvesting. With this 1-gallon sturdy composter, you can preserve a few days of trash.

Apart from that, due to its alluring, small, and trendy look, it is suitable for the kitchen countertop and decor. This famous compost bin is perfectly optimized for zero waste recycling. It will provide you superior two-bucket design and after removal of the inner plastic, you can easily discard compost and clean more often. Such an environmental-friendly compost bin acts as superb odor control. Here the fruit flies, mice, bugs easily get attracted to this bin and trapped by charcoal filters. Thus, it impedes odor leaking.

Elever compost bin is known for its top-notch viable materials and easy maintainability. The outer compost pail of the lid comprises rust-proof stainless steel. Whereas the inner material is having premium plastic coating to resist composting forces.


  • Charcoal activated filters of this bin may last up to 6 months
  • It comprises 2 additional odor-trapping filters
  • Dishwashable technology
  • This is an eco-friendly and odorless composting bin


  • The quality of plastic material is not up to the mark

9. 4W Kitchen With Indoor Compost Bin

Are you looking for a big-sized compost bin? Then you may consider this best kitchen compost bin, as it is sufficiently big to store organic wastages of several days. You can keep this sturdy and compact bin under the sink or on the counter.

Its sturdy nature and durability are for the usage of high-grade metal, and that is why it won’t get cracked. The best indoor composter like 4W kitchen compost bin possesses a seamless appearance and prevents rust and leakage.

This is an eco-friendly bin that converts organic waste into natural fertilizer. This best compost bin kitchen releases no derogatory chemicals so you can compost confidently. It comes up with 4 charcoal filters that can significantly capture the odors and do not spread it inside the kitchen.

They make such an aesthetically appealing bin while envisioning the high-end fashion. Thus it becomes the top-notch decorative kitchen accessories to flaunt. 4W kitchen compost bin provides you a clean kitchen environment for harvesting.


  • Premium quality material of stainless steel
  • Modern design, which is suitable for all kitchen style
  • This is super easy to handle
  • Charcoal filters can naturally absorb the entire odor


  • Material is not that classy

10. Bamboozle Indoor Food Compost Bin

Do you want a natural, metal-free, and BPA-free seamless composter bin? Then, this bamboozle indoor food composter might be your choice. They make this superior product of fully sustainable bamboo fiber and it is completely eco-friendly too.

Such a trendy appearance ensures a perfect fit for most kitchens. The best indoor composter bin is astute and possessing a white color that amazingly jumbles into the scenery. This product comes up with a moderate size and 1.25 gallons of compost. Many people prefer its aesthetics and sustainable perspectives of construction. Sometimes it absorbs odor, and that is why you have to use compostable bags to shun the smell from penetrating your bin.

There is a carbon filter present in the lid and a durable bamboo handle. Now, considering all the aforementioned facts, if you prefer the sustainability aspect, you must go for it!


  • Biodegradable material is used
  • Premium dishwasher safe technology
  • The trendy craft paper packaging is very enticing


  • It is a bit expensive
  • The lid with the charcoal filter is not advanced enough


1. What Is A Kitchen Compost Bin?

It is an advanced bin to recycle kitchen wastes into environment-friendly compost. Such composting bins provide us the ease of recycling organic wastages such as food leftovers, yard waste. Once this trash becomes compost, it is used to grow plants rather than beings disposed.

2. How Do You Use A Kitchen Compost Bin?

First you have to hand-toss the damp bedding gently in the bin. Thereafter, sprinkle some garden soil over it evenly. For aerobic composting, use a trowel to entomb the compost-safe organic waste such as food rampant in the soil. Finally, replace the bin lid to start the composting process.

3. Does A Top-Notch Kitchen Compost Bin Need Air Hole?

Holes are necessary to be present in the kitchen compost bin. Being an aerobic process, air is significant to ensure efficient decomposition. The inevitability of air in the bin depends on the structure and blending of materials in the bin than the presence of air holes.

4. Should A Kitchen Compost Bin Be In Sun Or Shade?

A soggy and shady place is the best place for worm bin. Direct sunlight does not let the compost mixture to a regular compost bin. Keeping the bin in a shady place will diminish water evaporation. But the microbes work effectively inside the compost, and thus they require sunlight to get active.

5. Do Indoor Compost Bin Spread Stink?

Compost, if prepared correctly, will never stink. If you get the maximum odor from your kitchen compost bin, check the procedure of making compost in a bin. However, it is mandatory to vacate the indoor compost bins to avoid odor in the kitchen.

6. Are These Compost Bin Worthy To Grow Plants?

Composting is significant for those who prefer to make their own nourishing-rich soil amendments for a garden and yard. Quickly converting kitchen trash into compost is a superior way to save money.

7. How Do You Make Kitchen Compost?

First you separate your edible wastages such as fruit peels, vegetable peels in a container. Thereafter, accumulate dry organic substances in a small container. Now take the pot and make 4-5 holes to pass air and sunlight inside.