Best Fertilizers For Centipede Grass

Best Fertilizers For Centipede Grass 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the best fertilizer for centipede grass can be daunting for someone who lacks prior experience in lawn care. If you are wondering how to own a gorgeous lawn with dark green natural carpet like your neighbor, then knowing the right fertilizer according to your grass type is the first and most crucial thing to do.

When it comes to lawn foods, there are many important things involved. For example, how to choose the best fertilizer for centipede, when to apply the product, and in which amount, what factors you must consider when buying it, and more.

If you are ready to crack the ultimate lawn care formula, let’s not waste any further time and get started with our top ten best fertilizers, which will come handy as a ready reckoner for you.

Top 10 Best Fertilizers For Centipede Grass 2020

1. Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food For New Grass

This one from the reputable brand of Scotts should be ideal if you are planning to plant new centipede grass in your lawn. The fertilizer is specially formulated in 24-25-4 ratio to support newly planted grass with the essential nutrition it requires. With all the nutrients it provides, it helps your grass to grow thicker, stronger, and healthier.

It comes with proprietary Water Smart technology that allows the centipede grass to absorb more moisture and nutrients, resulting in a 35% quicker growth and 70% thicker texture, compared to the grass without using the product.

Not only for new grass planting, but the Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food also provides impressive results for reseeding, installing grass sprigs, plugs, and sod also, thereby making it one of the most sought-after fertilizers for centipede grass. The ingredients used to develop the product are non-toxic, hence safe for kids and pets.


  • Promotes healthy root growth
  • Enhances the soil quality with essential nutrients
  • Protects from drought and heat
  • Helps grass to absorb more nutrients and water
  • Non-toxic formulation
  • Free from harmful pesticides


  • Results can vary depending on area and type of grass

2. GreenView Fairway Formula Lawn Fertilizer

Ask any professional lawn care expert, and they will tell you the secret of creating a gorgeous lawn with centipede grass, which is to find out the best fertilizer for centipede and knowing when to apply it. The GreenView Fairway Formula Lawn Fertilizer with a 27-0-5 formula of crucial nutrients promotes healthy roots and a rapid and consistent growth rate, thereby creating a spectacular lawn with vibrant green color.

The formulation is perfect for those who don’t have crabgrass or weed problems. If you have any such problems, you should look for other products. Choose this one if want delayed-release nutrients for slow yet consistent and long-lasting results. The product contains 63% nitrogen, and with its unique slow-release composition, your lawn remains greener and healthier over an extended period of as long as twelve weeks.

The GreenView Fairway Formula Lawn Fertilizer heals damages caused by the scorching sun and makes your lawn lusher and greener. It comes in two convenient packagings of 16.5 lb and 33 lb that cover 5000 and 10000 sq ft respectively.


  • High quality 63% nitrogen with 27-0-5 ratio
  • Extended-release nutrients offer steady growth over 12 weeks
  • Phosphate-free formulation
  • Can be applied whenever you want during the active growing period
  • Comes with 100% money-back guarantee


  • Some users complained of torn packaging and spilling ingredient during shipment

3. Safer Brand Lawn Restore Fertilizer

The Lawn Restore Fertilizer from Safer Brand works rapidly once applied and revitalizes your lawn with growing dark green centipede grass in no time. Its 25 lb package can cover up to 6,250 sq ft, which means it’s economical, and maintaining a broad area won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Its highly nutrient-rich formulation is potent enough to produce a noticeable difference within just 3-5 days after application. It is non-toxic and pet and children-friendly.

The product is made from blood meal, feather meal, and other naturally sourced ingredients that do not burn your turf or cause any nutrition loss in soil. Safer Brand Lawn Restore fertilizer promotes natural and robust root growth and treats the thinning parts of your lawn effectively.

With its 9-0-2 ratio of highly concentrated nitrogen, it supports fast and long-lasting results, making it the best fertilizer for centipede grass for many happy customers.


  • Can be used year long regardless of the season
  • Visible growth within 3-5 days
  • 9-0-2 ratio of high-quality nitrogen
  • Made of natural, non-toxic components
  • Protects against diseases and encourages good organisms
  • Economical – covers a large area


  • Some might not like its dusty texture and weird smell

4. Purely Organic Lawn Food

Purely Organic brand is a reputable name in the fertilizer industry and manufactures products using only organic and naturally derived components. It contains soy and corn-based nutrients in a 10-0-2 composition.

One can use its Lawn Food products safely in their lawn without worrying about any toxic effect, especially for children and pets.

Extremely popular among American homeowners, no wonder this lawn food product is considered one of the best fertilizers for centipede grass, thanks to its highly effective formula which helps to grow a healthy root system in this grass type.

Authorities of many sports stadiums nationwide use Purely Organic Lawn Food to sustain their field and maintain healthy grass growth year-round.

The product keeps the grass dense and dark-green, and its proprietary antimicrobial formulation fights against diseases and other environmental issues. According to the instructions printed on the bag, one should ensure to use the product at least four times for expected results.


  • 100% manure free
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Comes with zero added phosphorous to meet regulations about Phosphate usage
  • Can be used as many times as you want for even faster and better results
  • Cost-effective – a small amount goes a long way


  • Poor packaging quality

5. Espoma Organic All Season Lawn Food

Epsoma Organic All Season Lawn Food starts working immediately after application, and your centipede grass will look healthier and greener in no time. It contains beneficial microbial elements that help the soil absorb nutrients from the product easily, resulting in much quicker growth.

This fertilizer is manufactured based on naturally-derived components, including pasteurized manure collected from select poultry farms and feather meal, thus making it completely safe to use in your lawn if you have children and pets.

The product comes in an 18-0-3 NPK rating with high nitrogen content. As the name suggests, you can use Espoma Organic All Season Lawn Food any time of the year whenever your lawn requires a nutrition top-up.


  • Can yield thicker and greener centipede
  • Child and pet-safe composition
  • Comes with additional beneficial organisms


  • Some may not like its earthy smell

6. Ferti-Lome New Lawn Starter Fertilizer

This New Lawn Starter Fertilizer from Ferti-Lome is a must-have for every new lawn, especially the ones with centipede grass. You can use it with new sod to provide your yard a tremendous initial nutrition boost.

It ensures that the grass grows healthy and robust roots much faster and makes your lawn greener than usual. The product comes in a 9-13-7 ratio with organic phosphorous, and it is environmentally sustainable.


  • Comes with a balanced 9-13-7 NPK ratio
  • Great for new lawns
  • Helps roots to grow stronger
  • A single bag is enough to cover 1000 sq ft easily


  • It’s specially formulated to be used as a starter fertilizer, and might not be as good as a maintenance product

7. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food

When it comes to NPK ratio, Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food tops the chart with its one of the highest 36-0-6 ratings, making the product arguably the best fertilizer for centipede grass. That’s why the company recommends you use only a tablespoon of content with each gallon of water to apply generously every two or three weeks during the growing period in any season.

Its 5 lb pack is sufficient enough to feed a lawn with a whopping 7200 sq ft area. The instructions mentioned on the label are very clear and precisely indicate what amount one can mix in water to be used in a sprayer jar. It’s a water-soluble concentrate and easy to use with a sprayer gun to create a lush carpet of green grass that will make your neighbors envious.

A word of caution, though – do not go overboard on the application, as that can do more harm rather than help. Also, you should use it early in the day to allow the lawn to get dry during the whole day.


  • Highly concentrated formula
  • One of the highest nitrogen concentrates
  • Produces rapid results
  • Easy to use with a hose


  • Overdoing can cause burn

8. LawnStar Liquid Lawn Food

If you are a new homeowner or lawn maintenance isn’t your forte, LawnStar’s liquid fertilizer can come to your rescue with its ready-for-using sprayer jar with a hose-end. All you need to do is attach the bottle with your hose, and you are ready to go with a perfectly mixed lawn food.

The product comes with a 16-4-8 NPK ratio, which is a well-balanced formula of all three primary nutrients one needs for a healthy and green yard. Its higher nitrogen content is especially ideal for centipede grass types. Moreover, the fertilizer contains seaweed for additional nutrition to the lawn for even better results.


  • Shows results within a short time
  • Can be applied easily
  • A balanced mix of extended and immediate-release nitrogen


  • A bit expensive

9. GreenView Fairway Fertilizer Crabgrass Preventer

For those who are looking for the best fertilizer for centipede grass, GreenView Fairway Fertilizer Crabgrass Preventer would be an ideal choice, thanks to its one of the highest concentrations of delayed-release nitrogen in its category.

Its 65% nitrogen offers a consistent delivery of essential nutrition that should be enough to feed your lawn for a 12 weeks period, which simply means more nutrients will be absorbed by the grass.

Besides, the product contains effective weed and crabgrass control ingredients that can prevent over a few hundred types of crabgrass and other unwanted plants like dandelion, carpetweed, clover, etc.

Its unique formula forms a barrier on the soil surface, making the seedlings of those weeds unable to get nutrients from the soil.


  • Features 65% steady-release nitrogen
  • Prevents weed and crabgrass
  • Works and remains effective for 12 weeks


  • Not suitable for every kind of grass, read instructions carefully before buying

10. Organic Milorganite Fertilizer

Finding the best fertilizer for centipede can be tricky with so many options available in the market. If you don’t want to go through a trial and error procedure and want something reliable and loved by thousands of American homeowners, look no further and pick this Organic Milorganite Fertilizer.

With additional chelated iron content up to 4%, this nitrogen lawn food works faster and promotes healthy centipede growth quicker than most others in the same category.

This pet and kid-safe fertilizer is one of the most used products throughout the country when it comes to lawn care. It doesn’t burn your grass, and the 6-4-0 ratio ensures balanced nutrition for your lawn. In addition, there’s no need to use water with this fertilizer, meaning it helps you to save water.


  • One of the most reliable and widely selling products
  • Guaranteed to not cause burn
  • Saves precious water


  • It’s hard to find due to the extreme popularity of the product


1. What Does The NPK Ratio Mean?

The full form of NPK is nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), and the ratio indicates their percentage in the content. While nitrogen promotes the growth of your grass and helps your lawn to go greener, phosphorus encourages the healthy root, and potassium prevents the harmful effects of various diseases and drought. Typically, fertilizers come with more nitrogen than the rest two nutrients.

2. What Time Of The Day Is The Ideal To Apply Fertilizer?

It depends on which type of fertilizer you are using. For the granular fertilizers, any time is fine, while liquid ones should be applied only in the early time of the day, so that it gets enough time to dry up.

3. What If There’s A Heavy Rain After The Fertilizer Application?

You must be aware of the weather in your area before applying fertilizers. A little bit of rain is unlikely to cause any significant harm, but if it’s heavy rain, the lawn food can get washed away entirely, and you will have to apply it again.

4. What Precautions Should I Take If I Have Pets And Kids At Home?

If you are using organic fertilizers, they are usually safe for children and pets. However, it will be best if you let them not play in the lawn for at least 24 hours after you feed the fertilizer.

5. How Soon Can I See The Results After The Application?

It depends on the type of grass and fertilizer. With the best fertilizer for centipede, you can expect to see the results within 1 to 5 days after application.

Achieving Lush Green Lawn With The Best Fertilizer For Centipede Grass

Unless the label mentions special safety hazard warnings, the best fertilizer for centipede grass should be safe to handle. However, we still suggest you use good quality gloves during application and handling. Also, keep the product away from kid’s reach since they can fall sick if they consume it accidentally. These fertilizers are usually kid-safe, means they won’t harm if touched, but can be harmful when eaten.

So, use this guide to choose the best fertilizer for your centipede grass and enjoy in your lush-green lawn.