Best Fertilizers For Peppers

Best Fertilizers For Peppers 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

For gardeners it is tough to find the right fertilizer for their plants. Pepper growers are no different.

With many options in the market, it could be tough for you to find the right mix and supplement for your pepper plants. In order to help you make the process of finding the fertilizer easy, we have brought a list of best fertilizer for peppers.

In order to help you make an informative decision we went through a variety of products and reviewed them. All the products listed below in our list help your peppers grow healthily.

We made sure to look for those products that are loaded with nutrients, amino acids and all the good fodder for any growing and fruit-bearing plant would require.

Some of the products are all-purpose fertilizers, so they can be used for other plants that you are growing or intend to grow in the future. All the products we have tried to list here are made using natural ingredients.

Top 10 Best Fertilizers For Peppers 2020

1. Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed Plant Food

Packed in an 8lb package, this all-purpose plant food works best for your home-grown peppers! As one of the best fertilizer for peppers, this plant fodder mix comes with essential nutrients and micronutrients.

The best part about this product is that it not only provides nourishment to your plants below the soil but also above the soil.

Another great feature of this plant feed product is that it can be used anywhere, inside the containers or in ground.


  • It can provide nourishment for over three months.
  • Can be used in-pot or in-ground.
  • Made with wholesome natural nutrients.
  • Easy application.
  • It is an all-purpose plant feed.
  • Comes in various sizes.


  • Overuse of this can burn your plants.
  • Could yield less fruits if not used properly.

2. General Hydroponics Floralicious Plus

Floralicious Plus is an incredibly strong and concentrated mix of a variety of organic extracts which makes it the best fertilizer for pepper plants.

With different types of bioactive nutrients in the plant mix, this supplements aids healthy growth of your plants and allows your plants to grow effectively.

Furthermore, the supplement contains all the necessary sugars, complex sugars, amino acids, vitamins and aromatic oils for healthy growth.

The reason why it finds a spot on our list of best fertilizer for peppers is that contains vitamins that are best suited for the growth of plant fruits and stimulates swelling in the fruit, perfect for peppers.


  • Contains a variety of bioactive nutrients.
  • The base of the supplement is organic.
  • Aids microbial activity in the roots.
  • Enhances metabolic growth of the plant and fruits.
  • Offers stimulants for growth of fruits and fruit swelling.
  • Contains mineral extracts.


  • It may not be available in many areas.
  • Prone to going bad after the lid has been opened.

3. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food

The third position on our list for the best fertilizer for peppers goes another incredible product by Miracle-Gro. A water soluble supplement with enough nutrients to show you instant results, this one can be used in a water can.

The simple application with its natural mix of nutrients goes a long way for growing and fruit-bearing plants, thereby making it perfect for your peppers.

Plus, it does not require regular application, once in every 7-14 days is sufficient for your growing plants.


  • It is water soluble.
  • Application is simple.
  • Comes with instructions in the pack.
  • Does not require regular application.
  • Shows instant results.
  • Good for fruit-bearing plants, such as peppers.


  • The pack is rather small.
  • The supplement should be used as per instructions.

4. TeaDrops Organic Pepper

The TeaDrops Organic Pepper Liquid Vegetable Plant Food Packets are one of the best fertilizer for pepper plants.

The most attractive feature of this supplement is that it does not require you to get your hands dirty or go over watering your plants every day. Taking the mess out of the process, the 16 packets in the box can make up to 32 gallons!

All you have to do is make use of one packet for a week for your plants to take care of your plants water and nutrient needs!

All the packets are loaded up with minerals, organic mixes and make up for your plant’s macro and micro nutrient requirements.


  • No messy fingers, easy application.
  • One packet for a week.
  • Rich in all macro and micro nutrients.
  • Instant availability for your plants roots.
  • Detailed instructions for perfect use.
  • Almost instant results.
  • Boosts growth and development in your plants.
  • Multiple applications can be used as sprays or for feeding.


  • The supplement is overpriced.
  • The nutrient density is quite low.

5. Osmocote Smart-Release Plant

The Smart-Release Plant Food Flower and Vegetable supplement takes on as one of the best fertilizer for peppers title because of its proprietary feature.

The best part about this supplement is that it comes with a special resin coating, which helps your plant to get an early start in the season.

The resin coating helps the supplement to react with the soil even when the temperatures aren’t ideal for growth!

The reason why it is great for your pepper plants is that it is formulated for seasonal vegetables.


  • Promotes strong roots in plants.
  • Aids growth above soil.
  • Gives an early season start.
  • Resin-coating allows it to react in low temperatures.
  • Best-suited for seasonal vegetables and plants.
  • High nutrient content.


  • Could dry your plants.
  • The sprinkler could cause you problems.

6. Miracle-Gro Organic Performance Organics

This supplement allows you to get the most out of your plants without much work. The application can be done every seven days for best results.

This Miracle-Gro plant supplement comes loaded with super nutrients for your plants and plant fruits. One of the unique features of this supplement is that it feeds your plants instantly!

All of the ingredients in the product are organic.


  • Easy applications.
  • Instantly feeds your plants.
  • Organic in nature.
  • Contains super micronutrients.


  • Has to be used as per instructed measurements.
  • Does not mix well in water.

7. Burpee Organic Granular Plant Food

The granular form of the supplement makes it easy to use and the perfect choice for your peppers. However, what makes in the best fertilizer for peppers is that it can be used in one go and can provide nutrients for over three months to your plants.


  • It is made with organic ingredients.
  • Aids growth for over three months.
  • Ideal for vegetables.


  • Can cause rotting.

8. Lilly Miller Morcrop Vegetable Food

The Morcrop vegetable plant supplement is designed specifically to aid growth of delicious vegetables. The plants not only grow better with the fortified nutrients in this supplement but also provide better fruits at the end of the season.


  • Provides fortified nutrients.
  • Easy application.
  • Crafted for vegetables and fruit-bearing plants.


  • It contains animal manure, suited for outdoor use only.
  • Your plants may have low yield.

9. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food

This water soluble plant food helps you grow better looking and better tasting vegetables in less time . Designed for easy use, it is to be applied only once in 1 to 2 weeks.

The nutrients and other stimulating ingredients in the fertilizer helps you to see instant results in the growth and size of your vegetables.


  • Limited use for better results.
  • Safe for all plants.
  • Water soluble.


  • The product size is pretty small.

10. General Hydroponics FloraMicro

This product offers your plants calcium and nitrogen, thereby becoming a building block for your plant’s growth. It helps you balance the pH levels of your plants and helps you to create a good environment for growth. It can be used with different Flora products of the brand for each phase of your plant.


  • Maintains pH balance.
  • Super formula for growth and stimulation.
  • Purified concentrate for your plants.
  • Enhances aroma and flavor.


  • Cannot be premixed.
  • Using for plant’s phases, requires more products from the brand.

How To Choose The Right Fertilizer For Your Peppers?

When you are trying to look for the perfect blend of fertilizers for your pepper plants, it is curial that you understand some basics. Here are some pointers to make the process of purchasing fertilizers easier for you:

1. Get the Nutrients Right

Fertilizers act as food and stimulants for your plant. When you are trying to get a healthy yield, it is essential to look at the nutrient content. Always consider those fertilizers that add both micro and macro nutrients to your plant’s growth.

2. Organic Options

Organic fertilizers can cost a bit extra, but they are worth it. Your plants will grow better and will bear healthy fruits.

Try to avoid synthetic fertilizers and those with chemical content in them. To ensure that you do not end up buying synthetic fertilizers, always read the ingredients before purchasing.

3. Choose As Per Your Plants

Not all fertilizers will suit the plant you have. In order to attain the maximum level of growth, choose a fertilizer that is fit for your plant.

If you are growing peppers, consider only those fertilizers that are specifically made for peppers, occasionally adding some all-purpose fertilizers.


1. How Should I Feed My Pepper Plants?

Feeding pepper plants is easy with a water can. However, you can even use self-releasing supplements for your plants.

2. What Nutrients Should A Pepper Plant Get?

Important nutrients for your pepper plant are calcium, sulphur, magnesium, iron, boron, zinc, nitrogen and phosphorus among others. Make sure that you find a fertilizer that addresses those needs.

3. How To Grow A Healthy Pepper Plant?

Pepper plants grow best in full sunlight. Full sunlight helps them to produce healthy and large fruits. Also, organic fertilizer works best for such results.

4. Is Fertilizer Really Required For My Pepper Plants?

Pepper plants, like all vegetable plants, have a big affinity towards nutrients. In order to gain a healthy yield from your plants, you should feed them regularly with an organic fertilizer.

5. How Do You Fertilize Pepper Plants?

Fertilizing pepper plants is extremely simple. All you have to do is add and mix the fertilizer with the soil for the perfect results.

However, in some cases, you would have to follow the instructions on the box to gain results.

6. Can I Choose To Ignore The Instructions On The Fertilizer Box?

No, the instructions are written as per the general make-up of the fertilizer. You should always follow the instructions carefully; not doing so would harm your plant and cause ill-effects. Most users find a result they weren’t looking for when they ignore the instructions.

Pepper Fertilizers: The Real Deal!

As mentioned above, pepper plants have a big appetite. When you think about caring for your pepper plant, try to think of it as a tiny human or a baby.

As babies need food with the right nutritional content to grow healthy and strong, so does your pepper plant. Finding the best fertilizer for peppers will help you to ensure that your plants not only grow healthy but also offer amazing peppers.

In order to attain the correct balance between its growth and healthy fruit-bearing phase, try to use fertilizers that stimulate your plant. Consider organic fertilizers your plants’ best friend, they grow best with those in the soil.