NatureMill Composters - XE Series. Cleaner. Greener. Easier.

CompostersWe just never stop! Our third-generation ECO Series is the latest in a long line of NatureMills dating back to 2004, with over 50 improvements from the last model. We've spent years listening to customers and dealers, perfecting our technology, and testing under the most demanding conditions.



Patented air filter technology

A hot carbon filter and triple sealed lid and door ensure that odors don't escape. And as an added bonus, all models now carry a lifetime warranty on the air filter. You'll never need to replace it!


Quiet operation

With so many people now composting indoors, sound is a priority. Our engineers developed new technologies to reduce sound below other household sources: refrigerators, dishwashers, fish tanks, in-laws.


Innovative TEMPERENE™ technology

All ECO Series composters are made from TEMPERENE™, a durable, fully recyclable, energy efficient material. Since composting is a hot process, locking in all available heat is critical for speed of composting as well as energy efficiency.


Greater capacity

By pushing the electrical and mechanical components further into the outer walls, we freed up valuable space inside for more compost in the same size machine. There is no wasted space anywhere! Weekly processing capacity varies by model.


Easy operation

New instructions with full color photos guide you through the process. Just three modes of operation (high, medium, and low) and a button to transfer. Any easier and it wouldn't be fun.



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